Creating Multiple Twitter Accounts Using High-Quality Twitter Proxies

By October 29, 2018Social Media Proxies

With 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is an excellent place to reach your customer base. It’s even more enticing when you dig in a bit deeper. The site supports more than 40 languages, so Twitter users can be found all around the globe. Twitter is also home to coveted demographics, including millennials and the affluent. Thirty-six percent of millennials use the site, and 30 percent of Americans who make at least $75,000 on are there, as well.

With stats like these, it’s no wonder that so many marketers are turning to Twitter. When you do, though, you will likely realize what so many who came before you noticed.

It’s hard to make a bleep on Twitter’s radar. All those users mean you have to compete to get noticed, and if you have a single account that you’re handling manually, that can be difficult to do.

That’s why many people are using Twitter proxies to create multiple accounts. Then, they can deploy bots to handle some of the tasks for them. This makes it much easier to make a splash on Twitter.

Of course, if you don’t understand how Twitter proxies and bots work, you will have a hard time diving in. Get some information, and then you’ll be ready to take your Twitter marketing campaign to the next level.

Tips for Using Twitter Proxies to Create Multiple Accounts

When you create multiple accounts and then deploy bots with each account, you can reach more people. This an excellent way to manage products or brands. You can also use this strategy to engage in regional or niche tweeting.

There is a problem, though. If you use the same IP address to create all the accounts and deploy all the bots, you will likely end up with an IP ban. That means you won’t be able to access Twitter via your IP address.

That’s caused many people to wonder how to get around a Twitter IP ban. It might sound difficult, but it’s easier than you think. Twitter proxies allow you to avoid the ban.

Many people use proxies for creating multiple Twitter accounts. When you use a proxy, the server is basically a gateway that sits between you and the internet. Your connection goes through the server, and then it switches your IP address. That means you have a new, untraceable IP address whenever you connect to Twitter.

There are some tips to keep in mind when choosing proxies for your Twitter accounts, though.

Use One Proxy Per Account

First, only use one Twitter proxy per Twitter account. This is something that people mess up over and over again.

Let’s say that you have 1,000 Twitter accounts, and you use a proxy per account. You run those accounts with ease, and then you decide to save a little bit of money by doubling up. Instead of using 1,000 proxies, you only use 500.

There have been stories about people losing all 1,000 accounts from that single action. That is why it is critical to use a single proxy for each account.

Choose the Right Proxies

Having the correct number of proxies is not enough. You also need to get the right proxies. Which ones should you select?

Free Proxies

Many people turn to free proxies because that seems like such an attractive option. After all, who doesn’t like free?

As with most things in life, though, you get what you pay for (or don’t pay for). Free proxies might not cost a thing upfront, but they can cost you dearly when it comes to marketing on Twitter.

First, these proxies often have extremely slow connections. You are sharing the bandwidth with hundreds or even thousands of other people, and that bogs down the speed.

Speaking of sharing, you’ll also be sharing IP addresses. If someone using that IP address gets banned on Twitter, you will end up banned, as well, even though you didn’t do anything.

These Twitter proxies also aren’t reliable. They might work today and then stop working tomorrow. You want to automate as much of the process as you can, and that will be hard if your proxies constantly go down.

There’s also a much more serious problem with free proxies. Occasionally, you will come across a free proxy run by a hacker. The proxy is essentially a front, so the hacker can steal your information. Once you make the connection, he or she gets to work, taking as much of your information as possible. The hacker can take over your computer in a matter of seconds, and then you’ll have a real problem on your hands.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies

You know that free proxies aren’t good enough, but what about semi-dedicated proxies? Semi-dedicated proxies are split among a few people, so there will be a few of you with the same IP address. This is a great option for doing basic online tasks, but it’s not a good choice for managing social media accounts.

First, since you’re sharing IP addresses, there is a small risk that someone will do something foolish on Twitter and end up with an IP ban that will extend to you.

Second, these proxies aren’t quite as fast as you need for running Twitter bots.

Dedicated Proxies

Dedicated proxies are the best option for managing Twitter accounts. This proxy will be yours and yours alone, so you will have access to all the bandwidth and you won’t have to worry about anyone else causing an IP ban.

Consider the Location of the Proxy

Speed is incredibly important when it comes to social media proxies. You need the proxy to connect to Twitter quickly, so your bots can get to work. That is difficult to do if the proxy server is located halfway across the world.

It is important to choose a proxy that is in your country. That way, your connection doesn’t have to travel as far.

There is one exception to this rule. If Twitter is banned in your country, you will need to get a proxy in a different location to get around the IP ban.

Twitter Automation Bots That Support Proxy Usage

After you get your proxies, you’ll be ready for your Twitter automation bot. You can use these bots for everything from creating multiple Twitter accounts to updating your feed, and most are relatively easy to use.


TwtDominator is one of the most robust Twitter bots available, and it works with proxies. This tool includes:

  • Auto Follow
  • Auto Tweet
  • Auto DM
  • Auto Retweet/Favorite
  • Unfollow
  • Follow-Back
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Scheduling

In addition, it has a scraper that you can use to scrape Twitter. You can scrape the site for names, keywords, and hashtags. This information can help you a great deal.


TweetAttacksPro is also a robust Twitter bot. This bot has a smart task setting that allows you to create small modules for your tasks. This allows you to group similar tasks together and then manage those tasks easily. It has all the basic features you want in a bot, such as tweeting, following, unfollowing, and direct messaging, and you can undo any of the actions if you wish.

The search function is in its own module, and it is quite powerful. You can search Twitter, people, local data, followers, and more to grab the data you need for your Twitter marketing campaign. Then, you can filter the results, so you only have to see the information you’re most interested in seeing.

This bot also lets you bind proxies and user agents to specific accounts. That means accounts will use the same proxies and user agents each time the account is active. That means that account will always show a login from the same location. This is more important than you might think. Otherwise, you might log in from the United States one minute and from England the next.

While most bots allow you to do this, this specific bot makes the task much easier.

Using Twitter Bots

Once you get your Twitter bots and proxies, you’ll almost be ready to use them. First, though, you need to come up with a plan for deploying your bots. Otherwise, Twitter will realize you’re using bots and will ban your IP address. That means your proxy will get banned, and you’ll have to get another one.

Make Your Bots Act Like Humans

A Twitter automation bot is an enormously powerful tool. It’s so powerful that some people want to go crazy with it. They add 1,000 followers in a day and send out hundreds of tweets that say the same thing. It doesn’t take long for Twitter to realize a person is using a bot.

First, cut down on the number of people you follow. In reality, you shouldn’t follow someone unless that person follows you. Your following-to-followers ratio will get out of whack otherwise, and it will be obvious you are running a bot.

Second, don’t tweet more than every couple of hours at the most, and don’t tweet around the clock. If you spam out tweets, Twitter will give your account a closer look, and you could end up with an IP ban on your hands.

Use Targeting Options

Your Twitter automation bot will have targeting settings. Use them so you don’t come across as a spammer. You only want your bot to tweet, comment, and message in ways that make sense, and your targeting options will help with that.

Check on Your Bots

Your Twitter proxies and bots will let you automate a lot of the process, but that doesn’t mean you should set it and forget it. You need to keep an eye on your accounts to make sure the bots are working properly. If you catch a problem quickly, you can fix it before Twitter notices. However, if your account spams or works too quickly for days at a time, you can expect to be shut down.

Just check in every day or so to make sure everything is running smoothly. If everything looks good after a week or so, you won’t have to check in as frequently.

Get Started with Twitter Marketing

Twitter is such a great place to find your target market, and with the right tools, you can reach them. Gather your tools and start creating your Twitter accounts. You can create a handful of accounts or thousands if you want. The choice is yours. Then, assign those accounts a proxy and let the bots get to work.

If you set up everything correctly, you should notice some activity on your Twitter account relatively soon. Your bots and proxies can help you build a following on Twitter, and you can use that to market your products or services to potential customers.

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