Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Proxy To Create Accounts

By March 5, 2019Social Media Proxies

LinkedIn is well known to many as the professional platform for networking.

With more than 600 million members, it is arguably an important brand on social media as we speak.

Here you get all the contacts of different professionals around the world.

You can use this platform to network with them, or maybe share ideas and experiences that are related to careers.

Potential employers can also scout for employees on this site.

In brief, there are potential employers and employees on LinkedIn as we speak.

Many jobless youth have turned to LinkedIn to target specific employers.

This is why LinkedIn is growing day by day.

Marketing Benefits of LinkedIn

The question is, how can you promote your small business or maybe market your brand on LinkedIn?

There is no formula whatsoever or a proven strategy on how to successfully market your brand on LinkedIn.

However, there are some tips on how to promote your business on this platform.

You can only target your specific target audience in order to be successful.

To enjoy the benefits of marketing, you must start with a plan.

Create a Company Profile

This will help in differentiating your previous individual background from the company you intend to start.

Put every information regarding the company and the contact information.

Share Knowledge

Show your potential customers that you have experience in that field.

You can answer questions on the platform.

Leave Status Updates

This is toshare links, company information, discounts etc.


Advertise your brands on LinkedIn to maximize your sales opportunity.

The benefits include expanding your company reach, more people will know about your brand.

You can also find potential customers here.

The primary purpose of LinkedIn is to provide exposure to the clientele and give you the connections you want.

LinkedIn for Generating Jobs

If you are seeking jobs and you want this platform to generate leads for you that will result in employment.

There are some tips you should consider trying out to maximize your chances of getting potential employers.

For your profile to get noticed you should follow this simple rules.

Make Your Profile Stand Out from the Rest

Put everything down, don’t leave gaps in your profile.

Employers do not want to read the same thing every day.

If you did a relevant course, write it down.

This will help an employer to determine your suitability.

The best part is that LinkedIn gives you suggestions on how to fully complete your profile.

Get an URL

LinkedIn assigns you one after signing up.

It is much easier to publicize your profile using an URL.

You may edit the URL so that it suits your case and profile.

Set your custom profile URL as your employer could be a click away.

Custom Photo

Put a great photo, or a professional one.

This will help reveal your authenticity to employers.

A photo speaks a thousand words about your character.

There are so many fake accounts that ruin the reputation of genuine job seekers.

Some accounts actually solicit money from job seekers.

Consider Your Profile as Your Resume

Be very brief and straight forward.

Don’t write fluff and junk.

Recruiters have no time for this.

Finish your profile well to increase your chances.

By doing this you get noticed by employers.

LinkedIn Proxy Site

LinkedIn Business Lead Generation

You should first start by following your clients or potential clients for that matter.

You can achieve this by posting regular updates on your company portfolio.

This will help your business get noticed and at the same time generate leads that may help your business grow.

Optimize on the opportunity by uploading short video commercials of your company brands to a specific target audience.

Lastly join groups to answer questions or discuss accomplishments.

Share Your Content

It is very easy to share your content or article on LinkedIn.

Simply go to the share box and click on add URL from the article or content you want to share.

By doing this, you get exposure to various clients who might take your business to the next level.

Sharing your experience is as easy as it gets.

Why Are People Creating Multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

Some proponents of this idea argue that with different careers, it is impossible to merge them into one account.

Surely, have multiple LinkedIn accounts would be advantageous as each account would offer different exposure to your profile.

With that in mind, that allows you to be exposed to various industries, and thus, enhancing your desirability when it comes to prospecting for a job online.

So if you have different careers, and you want multiple accounts for every career.

However, it would be tricky in the registration and administration process, and that is why there are account automation software readily available in the market.

Some people manage to have two accounts using an account management software, which we will be discussing next.

LinkedIn Account Management Software

There are several software brands that are capable of the tasks at hand.

I will be mentioning one of those software in this article.


With this software, you are capable of streaming the different sections of your LinkedIn feeds in a single place.

You can interact with those that have liked your comments and also network.

Since you can view all these in one place, it saves you time.

Hootsuite lets you schedule and automate your updates, the home page stream will be showing you the potential connections, while the updates streams will be showing you what you posted and how the comments look like.

It can help you to connect at least three separate accounts.

Let’s take a look at some of its features.


  • Streams feature that will allow you to view different LinkedIn feed in one place
  • Connects up to 3 accounts
  • Different pricing plans
  • Free trial
  • You can schedule updates
LinkedIn Proxy Server

LinkedIn Proxy Server

LinkedIn Proxies

Every time you connect or network with someone, the two computers share their internet protocol addresses (IP Address this is how you connect to the outside world.

In some countries, the IP address has some information about you like home address and street number.

Some websites might block you from seeing their content using the IP address.

A few hacking tips and you will get around this issue. The common way is using a proxy.

What is a LinkedIn Proxy Server?

Here you get to go using a different IP address.

A proxy server works by redirecting your browsing activities.

Your online requests will get routed when using a proxy server.

With a LinkedIn proxy server you can get to access any website regardless of the location you are in.

This is very important when managing two to three LinkedIn accounts from one place.

You should use a quality proxy to safeguard your accounts.

One false move and your data is gone.

Comparison Between a Free LinkedIn Proxy and a Premium Proxy Server

The difference is quite simple – With a free proxy server, your data is not safe at all from hackers and people with malicious intent.

The free proxies are found easily because they are free.

Anybody can use them.

If you continuously use free LinkedIn proxies, you are putting the information in your account at risk, which includes your contact information and home address.

You connect to the wrong network and hackers take advantage of your free proxy server.

Premium or paid proxies, are hosted by companies that take a step further in safeguarding your information.

Consider using the paid proxies and have the peace of mind that your data is very safe every time you post an update or access your account from any location in the world.

Data protection comes at a cost.

That’s why you have to pay something small in form of subscription fees.

There are also some paid proxies that will go to the extent of encrypting the entire internet connection through the form of SSL – So even though that someone intercepts your network connectivity, they will not be able to decrypt the encrypted data in the process, thus safeguarding your data privacy in the process.

A good premium proxy also enables you to unblock any website that might block you due to your location.

This is very important for professionals who want to post live updates of their travels to their clients and so on.

You should consider paying for a proxy than getting it for free – This is because of the risks involved in your overall data security.

Be sure to perform some research on top recommendations for these providers before committing to purchasing a subscription from them.

Premium proxy providers should know what they are offering, and that saves the headache of having to go through the discovery process on which proxy service works, and which does not.


LinkedIn is a great platform to share your experiences and ideas.

For job seekers, it is an avenue to get jobs and the likes.

There are various ways to manage your LinkedIn profiles, and the automated method would not only save you time in the account management aspect, but it also provides you with maximum exposure through the LinkedIn platform.

Of course, managing your profiles successfully and efficiently would require premium LinkedIn proxies – Thus, be sure to perform a thorough research for a trustworthy provider, that can deliver quality proxies at an affordable price.

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