Manage Instagram Like a Pro Via Followliker Proxy and Bot Setup Tips

By April 15, 2019Social Media Proxies

With 1 billion users every month, Instagram has become a significant social media platform.

If you take a moment to analyze the top businesses across different industries, you will realize that they have an Instagram account.

This solidifies the belief that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool.

So, Why Is Instagram Important in Business Marketing?

Photos are more noticeable than simple texts.

Posting on Instagram will give your business a better chance of engagement.

Instagram showcases all posts which ensures that all your photos can be viewed.

If you choose the right images, you will build connections, build a stronger brand and encourage customer-business engagements that can lead to an increase in sales.

How Do You Get Maximum Benefits From Instagram?

Followers are crucial in the social media space.

To build a strong online presence, you will need a lot of followers.

Chances are that Instagram users will follow an account with multiple followers than they would an account with a few followers.

This is where Followliker comes in.

With this social media marketing tool, you will significantly increase your Instagram followers.

You will also be in a position to comfortably create and manage multiple accounts.

Why Do I Need Multiple Instagram Accounts?

With multiple Instagram accounts, you can create more following and engagement.

The tricky part comes in the management of these accounts. Instagram does not allow multi-account access for one person.

Attempting to create multiple accounts might have your IP address banned from the platform and this will compromise the initial account that you might have invested a lot in.

Multiple Instagram accounts are crucial in business marketing and this is why you need to use Followliker proxies to avoid being banned.

Followliker Proxy

Followliker proxies will revolutionize the way you manage your social media accounts and campaigns.

The proxies will give you a chance to create multiple Instagram accounts without the worry of bans from Instagram.

Followliker will give you a proxy and this simply means you will have different IP addresses.

In front of the social platforms, you will not be using the same computer or IP address.

This will give you a chance to create multiple Instagram accounts.

How To Setup Followliker Proxies

If you are interested in managing multiple social media accounts, it is a good idea to have proxies.

The Followliker proxy setup process is not as complicated as most people perceive. You just need to go to ‘Proxy Manager’.

Here, you can add your proxies through CSV or text file.

If this is not your preference, you can still add them manually.

Once you have the proxies added, go to “General Settings” and set your proxies to one per account.

What Are The Benefits of Followliker?

With Followliker, you can manage and run a number of Instagram accounts without getting overwhelmed.

Here are some of the activities you can comfortably handle:

  • Auto follow
  • Unfollow users
  • Followliker proxy setup
  • Manage messages
  • Delete posts effectively
  • Manage and schedule posts
  • Auto comment on significant posts

Bottom Line

Instagram is an important platform for business marketing.

Having multiple accounts can help you manage your campaigns and reach a wider audience.

To successfully manage multiple accounts, it is a good idea to consider the easy-to-use Followliker proxies.

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