Pros and Cons of Using Free Instagram Proxy Vs Paid Dedicated Proxies

By April 12, 2018Social Media Proxies

Instagram proxies have been gaining popularity over the last few years.

However, not many people understand what they really are or what they do.

Well, Instagram proxies are private proxies that allow you to access Instagram accounts.

You can use them to connect to and to manage several accounts at the same time. This allows you to increase your reach through social media marketing.

You will, therefore, end up scaling your audience up dramatically.

They have become increasingly popular due to the rise of popularity of social media marketing.

There are two broad categories of Instagram proxies; Free Instagram Proxies and Paid Dedicated Proxies.

Since this article is intended to help readers choose between these categories, some pros and cons of each have been highlighted below.

Their differences can be seen in their pros and cons.

Free Instagram Proxy

Getting a free proxy for Instagram has many advantages

1. Cost

Much need not to be said about this. Free proxies can be easily accessed without the need to whip out your credit card on paid subscriptions. They may give you an edge over other social media marketers in terms of the profit margins you can potentially get.

2. Anonymity

A free Instagram proxy has its functions based on the redirecting of customers requests to the final web server in a way that excludes any possibility of identifying the initial user location.

Such servers are fully anonymous. The user can, therefore, create as many Instagram accounts as possible to boost marketing without having to worry about the closure of these accounts.


1. A Free Instagram proxy server can be used by millions at a time. Its speeds and efficiency are thus greatly hindered when the servers are dealing with increased data traffic.

It is then not under the user’s control at any point in time. Functions such as posting comments and Instagram feeds are left to the mercy of your service providers.

2. Data safety – In today’s world, the safety of one’s data is a sensitive topic, with everyone doing everything in their power to avoid prying eyes on the internet.

Free Instagram proxies do not provide the level of safety that can give assurance to one’s customers.

Paid Dedicated Proxies

These are Instagram proxies that involve the interested user subscribing to the service. The users are thus granted access to these servers on payment.

These, in my unbiased opinion, offer more convenience to a user, as they are more or less personalized proxies, being used by one user.

These proxies are highly recommended due to their numerous advantages over Free Instagram Proxies.

The Pros

Paid dedicated proxies have many clear advantages over Free Instagram Proxies. Some of them include;

1. Convenience

They are much more convenient due to the fact that they are personal servers.

Convenience may be in terms of time of use, better connectivity, reliability and more.

It is also due to the fact that one chooses his/her own package according to their needs as online marketers.

2. Data safety

Paid dedicated proxies offer safer data handling compared to the free ones.

This may be due to the fact that they are for individual use.

3. Stability

These servers are much more stable in terms of data traffic and therefore run round the clock.

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