Pros and Cons of Using Paid Versus Free Proxy for Facebook

By October 8, 2018Social Media Proxies

In some cases, you may not able to access Facebook at your workplace or school or any other place owing to the causes like limitations on an internet connection or obstructed by the system administrators.

There are different ways to resolve these issues and get rid of the problem of blocking Facebook. Here, I will provide the information about how to use a suitable proxy for Facebook and what are the advantages of using free and paid Facebook proxies.

In general, the Proxy Site is nothing but another website or World Wide Web which serves as a mediator between the server and client. Simply speaking it will allow the users to access the internet connection and there is no requirement to share the IP address.

Proxy for Facebook

There are various kinds of Facebook proxies to give an excellent user-friendly environment that included both free and paid proxies for Facebook. The proxy sites are KProxy, FilterBypass, Gen Mirror Proxy, ProxFree, AtoZ Proxy, Newipnow,, and more.

  • FilterBypass – FilterBypass is a free proxy for Facebook that specifically provides benefits like reliable and rapid service in unblocking Facebook. It is encrypted with SSL proxy so that your IP address will be secured and safe.
  • Gen Mirror Facebook Proxy – It is a free proxy to unblock Facebook and you’re not required to download the proxy or install it on your computer. As it is protected by SSL technology, your data is protected from malware activities.
  • ProxFree – ProxFree is specifically useful to retrieve Facebook and allows accessing the browsing data, monitoring the cookies, etc.
  • KProxy – For logging into Facebook, KProxy is one of the best proxy websites. It has very fewer ads when you’re logging into the Facebook account.
  • Proxysite – Most of the users get tend to use Proxysite due to its simple and clean interface. It can be useful to unblock Facebook.
  • HideFap – HideFap is one of the free proxies that permit users to initiate the task of accessing various kinds of blocked websites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. As it won’t have an overload of ads, you would have been allowed to the way in any social media website without any hassles out.
  • ProxyBoost – ProxyBoost is another type of proxy for Facebook that helps to open Facebook very easily with its simple user-friendly platform. That means, you just type in URL like and it will show you the results quickly. It is not only a proxy site for Facebook but also for some other blocked websites like YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Free Vs Paid Proxies for Facebook

In order to unblock Facebook, you can make use of free or paid Facebook proxies. For that, you will not require software or intermediary client. Based on Facebook Proxy, you can easily get an entry to the site and enjoy the benefits as well.

When compared to free proxies for Facebook, paid proxies will give you more benefits such as:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Effective Bandwidth
  • Protect you from illegal activities

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