Protect Yourself and Your Location When Getting Auto Likes on Social Media

By September 25, 2017Social Media Proxies

If you use bots to get Facebook auto likes, you need to protect yourself and your location. Facebook uses a variety of tools to detect bot activity, and if you don’t protect yourself, you’ll be discovered. Then, the social media channel will shut you down before you even get started. You won’t have access to your account anymore, so your marketing efforts won’t get you anywhere.

You might be a little stressed out at the idea of keeping your bot activity a secret, but don’t be. Follow some tips and you’ll be good to go on social media. Then, let’s look at why you need to get lots of likes for your account. That will give you a better understanding of why people use auto likes to get ahead on Facebook.

First, though, let’s look at what auto likes are.

What Are Facebook Auto Likes?

Auto likes come in two forms. You can get fan page likes and post likes.

Both are an important part of running a business. In fact, you should spend some time getting both types of likes.

You can buy both types of likes outright from a company or you can use an auto like bot. An auto like bot lets you configure various settings and then it gets likes for your page or posts. This is a way to stay in control of the process.

Now let’s look at some tips for getting auto likes.

It Starts with Proxies

Proxies allow you to mask your location when using social media. This is important if you’re running a bot. Bots make a lot of requests at a time, and if all those requests come from the same IP address, you’ll get shut down immediately. Facebook will detect the bot activity, and it will put a stop to it quickly.

You can configure your bot’s settings to rotate your proxies on a regular basis so the social media channel cannot catch you. You can also get rotating proxies to work with the bot. These proxies rotate automatically after a predetermined set of time. Your bot doesn’t have to rotate them for you. The proxy company takes care of it.

It doesn’t matter if you get regular proxies or rotating proxies. You need to take special care when choosing them. This is when things get a little bit tricky. There are some steps you need to follow so you don’t make any mistakes.

How to Choose Your Proxies

First, skip the free proxies. They are a mess. The IP addresses on these proxies are often banned, so you will get shut down immediately. On top of that, it’s not all that uncommon for hackers to run the free proxies. They use them as a gateway to steal people’s information. Basically, people enter their information into the proxy and try to connect to the network. In reality, they end up connecting the hackers to their computers. Their PayPal accounts are emptied out before they realize they’ve been scammed. Then, they have to spend hundreds of dollars to fix their computers.

Even if the proxies are legitimate, they are incredibly slow. You’re sharing bandwidth with thousands of others, and that makes the proxies crawl like the days of dialup.

Then, there’s the fact that these proxies are unreliable. They don’t always work, and if they do, they could get shut down at a moment’s notice. You need something that’s reliable if you’re trying to get auto likes, so this just won’t work.

That’s why you need to choose dedicated proxies. These private proxies are much faster than public proxies are, and they are safe. They are legitimate, and they protect your personal information, which is what you want.

Plus, they are cheap. Sure, they aren’t as low-priced as free public proxies are, but spending a couple of bucks is well worth the peace of mind and service you get with these proxies.

Configure the Bot to Avoid Detection

Your proxies aren’t the only way to protect yourself. You also need to configure your bot so it acts like a human.

Think about how you interact with Facebook. Do you do 100 things every minute on Facebook or do you take it slow? You take it slow, of course. Your bot needs to move the same way. If you let it move too quickly, Facebook will realize that you’re using a bot.

Some bots for auto likes let you configure the number of requests it makes. Limit the number of requests the bot makes per minute so you don’t stand out. If the bot moves too quickly, you’ll likely end up getting banned on the site.

Be Careful About Setting Up Fake Accounts

Some bots and systems that generate Facebook auto likes do it by creating fake accounts. While that can work just fine, you must be very careful with this. If the accounts look fake, you won’t benefit from the likes.

Let’s think about this for a minute. How do fake accounts and real accounts differ?

For one, fake accounts don’t usually have any friends. If someone doesn’t have a single friend but like your posts, it will seem strange. Make sure the accounts have friends or it won’t seem natural at all.

Fake accounts also usually don’t have any posts or likes. You need to season these accounts so they look real or they won’t do you any good.

Know Your Target

You also need to go after targeted likes when using an auto like bot. It’s good to get some likes from real people, and those people should be in your target niche. What good it is if you sell makeup and you get a like from someone who never wears it? Take the time to get targeted auto likes so you can boost your sales.

Create Likeable Posts

This is where so many people mess up. They think that since they’re getting auto likes, they can post whatever and it will be fine. If you do that, you’re forgetting that auto likes are just a means to an end. You are getting the likes to boost your page’s visibility and grow your followers. If you just spend your days posting about the weather, no one is going to want to follow you.

Take the time to plan a content calendar. Use a tool like HootSuite to schedule your posts and keep them coming.

Over time, you will notice that you start getting some organic likes, as well. That is a sign that your marketing campaign is moving in the right direction.

The Importance of Likes

Now you know how to get the likes, but why should you get them?

Are likes on Facebook posts really that important?

In a word, “yes.” Check out some benefits of growing your likes.

Increase Your Visibility and Reach

When someone likes your Facebook post or page, that like doesn’t just go to that person. His or her friends see it as well. You can benefit from this, even when you buy likes. Of course, you must buy those likes from real people if you’re going to enjoy this benefit.

Don’t worry, though. There are other benefits you can enjoy, even if you buy likes from fake accounts.

Position Yourself as an Influencer

Every market has influencers. Those influencers are the ones that are the movers and the shakers in the industry. You can easily tell who the influencers are by how engaged their followers are. When a post gets a lot of likes, the person doing the posting immediately looks like an influencer.

Why is it so important to be an influencer? To begin with, people want to follow influencers. They want to see what they are missing, so they are quick to click on that follow button.

They also want to take advice from influencers and buy their products. They are the leaders of the industry. If you become a leader, you won’t be able to keep your products on your virtual shelves.

Show People You’re a Legitimate Business

There are tons of businesses on Facebook, and it’s hard to tell what’s legitimate and what isn’t. Sure, you know Best Buy is a legitimate business, but what about Joe’s Fine Jewelry? You don’t have any idea, so you have to look at factors including likes to determine if a business deserves a second glance.

If a page or post doesn’t have any likes, you won’t know if you should trust it. However, if you see lots of likes, you will automatically trust the business. Others have liked it, so they must know about it. You will feel better about the company just like that.

Boost Your Engagement Metrics

Facebook uses a confusing algorithm when determining where page posts end up in news feeds. Engagement is one of those metrics. If your posts get a lot of engagement, you will make it to the top of people’s newsfeeds. If you don’t get a lot of likes, no one will ever see you. Your engagement metrics are incredibly important, so you need to find ways to boost them. Buying Facebook likes is one such way.

Encourage Sharing

If people notice that your posts get a lot of likes, they will be more likely to share them with their friends. You need lots of shares if your posts are going to go viral, so this is very important. On the other hand, if your posts are ignored, people aren’t going to share them with their friends. That would be embarrassing. They need proof that people will like the post, and they will get that through likes.

Build Up Your Likes

Now you are ready to start building up your likes. It will take a little bit of time to get to the place you want to be, but it will be well worth the effort. Your likes will help you grow your business and dominate social media. Over time, you won’t even have to use a bot or purchase any more likes. You will become such a powerful force that you can stop paying for likes and start getting them naturally. That’s when you’ll know you have arrived on the social media scene. Then, you will be able to take down your competition.

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