Proxy for Instagram Bot and Automation Tools That Use Instagram Proxies

By January 21, 2017Social Media Proxies

With more than 800 million users from all around the world, Instagram is surely one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Today, various social networks including Instagram are used for various purposes, not just for entertainment.

Many companies and businesses create Instagram accounts to promote their brands.

They also evaluate their followers, likes, comments and saved posts so that they can analyze how effective their policies and efforts work and how to make better plans for the future of their business.

However, this is not an easy task as it seems. Companies have countless Instagram accounts for their brand and it’s very hard to manage all of these accounts to analyze their data.

At this point, Instagram automation software is ready to help these companies provide management of their IG accounts.

Instagram automation tools are ready for you to take care a lot of work of your busy IG account.

Whether you have a company or individual account, you can make it easier to attract more attention to your profitable profile by using certain Instagram automation tools that support proxies for Instagram bot.

Here are the Instagram Automation Tools That Support Instagram Proxy Usage:

1. Followliker

  • Helps you to grow your Instagram account by drawing your target followers to your profitable account
  • Gives you permanent followers of your target audience
  • Sends comments and likes to your target followers in the name of your account so that you can gain followers more naturally
    and permanently
  • Saves your money and time
  • Keeps your account active with consistent comments and likes

2. Jarvee

  • Works best with Windows
  • Works as an interface so that you can manage and organize all of your Instagram accounts without needing much time
  • Best software to schedule your posts
  • Allows you to manage all of your accounts in a single app
  • Gives you a 7-day trial and assures you of giving your money back

3. Gram Multitool (GMT2)

  • Allows you to monitor and analyze the progress of your accounts in an advanced level
  • Gives you an opportunity to broadly customize your preferences which helps you to draw your target audience to your accounts
  • Creates useful interactions with your target followers via commenting, liking or even live streaming thanks to its complete

4. FollowAdder

  • Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux Beta
  • Helps you to find your target followers by allowing you to search for photos, tags, or keywords according to the content of your accounts
  • One of the best proxy Instagram bots to grow your marketing account by engaging with real IG accounts to follow

5. Instazood

  • Includes many Instagram bots and tools to grow your accounts with real, permanent and relevant followers, likes, comments and more.
  • Gathers many followers who are interested in your marketing account in a short period of time
  • Allows you to schedule your posts to increase the engagement

Proxy for Instagram Bot

What is Proxy and why is it important for your Instagram bot?

Basically, proxy servers work as a mediator between the computer and internet to accelerate your connection with a web server.

Proxy servers also allows you to be anonymous while surfing and visit websites that are banned for your IP.

An Instagram bot proxy server allows you to create as many IG accounts as you want and not to leave any trace behind you.

You can visit every Instagram account without revealing your identity because with a proxy Instagram bot tool, you can change your IP address as much as you can and stay anonymous.

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