Tips for Using an Auto Follower Bot

By September 29, 2017Social Media Proxies

Facebook marketing isn’t easy work. It seems like you have to spend hours on it every day, and your results aren’t nearly as big as you would like.

It can be frustrating, but fortunately, there are some tools out there that can help. A Facebook auto follower bot is one such tool. While this tool can help you generate some followers, it can also cause a lot of damage if you don’t know how to use it.

Check out some tips so you’ll be ready to use this bot. Then, you can move forward and finally get the followers you need for your campaign.

Get Your Proxies

First and foremost, you need to get proxies if you’re going to use a Facebook auto follower bot. Facebook isn’t a big fan of bots, and it tries to shut them down, even if the bots are just helping people get followers. The site is afraid that people will use bots to cause some damage, so the administrators don’t take the time to see what the bot is doing. If a bot is detected, you’re going to get shut down. It’s really as simple as that.

Facebook can detect bot activity by looking at several factors, including your IP address. If the same IP address makes a bunch of requests in a row, Facebook will begin to think that you’re using a bot. Then, it might lock you out of your account.

Avoid this problem by setting up a proxy. Choose a fast proxy that limits the lag time between postings. Also, choose a proxy that is in your country of origin. If it is located in a country that is known for fraud, it will set off red flags and you could end up getting blocked anyway. It’s better to keep your proxies close to home.

You also need to rotate the proxies out. That way, your IP address will change, making it harder for Facebook to detect the bot’s activity.

Use a User-Agent Switcher

Facebook and other sites can also detect you by looking at your user-agent. Your browser has a user-agent, and it sends it out every time you connect to a website. It’s a line of text that identifies your operating system and browser. The user-agent field is inside of a browser’s HTTP header. Your browser has its own user-agent, just as your neighbor’s browser has its own user-agent.

This user-agent isn’t actually used to identify you. Instead, it’s your browser’s way of letting the site know what system you’re using. Then, you are certain to get the right style of webpage. It knows to display the webpage in Chrome, Firefox, or something else.

Most of the time, a website looks at the user-agent, sends the right website out, and that’s the end of the story.

That’s what happens most of the time, but not all of the time.

If a website notices that it’s getting a ton of requests that contain the same user-agent, it’ll start to get suspicious. Those requests might come from different IP addresses, but it will still be strange that they all contain the same user-agent.

The site will realize that the person is using a bot, such as a Facebook auto follower bot. It will then shut the person down.

Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid this. You just need to download a browser extension to switch out your user-agent.

The User-Agent Switcher is an easy tool to use. You can get the User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome or for another web browser. Install and enable it and then it will switch your user-agent out for you. That means websites won’t be able to detect you based on your user-agent.

Don’t Get Too Many Followers at Once

You don’t want Facebook or anyone else to know that you’re using a bot. That means you need to make the process looks as natural as possible. Most people don’t get hundreds of followers in a day, and you shouldn’t, either. Sure, it’s easy to do if you have a bot, but you’ll stand out to Facebook and to other members of the community. Get a handful of followers here and a handful of followers there. You want to make sure that it looks like you’re actually getting the followers the normal way and not paying someone for them.

Get Real Followers

You might buy some followers for your Facebook page, but you also need to get some real followers. Purchased followers often use fake accounts and have no interest in interacting with Facebook pages. They are just numbers and not real followers.

They can help you increase your followers, but you won’t get any other benefits from them. That’s why it’s so important that you balance things out with real followers. These are the people who will comment on your posts and like your pictures. They are the people who will help your engagement levels go up and will help you reach new people. Make sure you have lots of real followers so your engagement levels soar.

Look for a Bot with Additional Features

A standard follower bot is just going to get you some followers, and there is no telling how it will go about it. It might just send thousands of fake accounts your way. You already know that’s a bad deal, so how do you avoid it?

The key is to get a bot that has some other features, as well. You want to choose a bot that has features that allow you to get your followers organically, even as you automate the process.

Bots that help you with your marketing duties can naturally attract followers for you. You can sit back and watch the followers roll in with minimal work, but you know the followers are real.

Engage with Your Followers

Using an auto follower bot is an excellent way to get followers, but it’s just the first step in your marketing campaign. You need to engage with those followers to make sure they stick around. It’s up to you to keep them happy and engaged.

How do you engage with your followers? There are actually lots of great ways to keep your followers engaged. Let’s look at some tips.

Point Out a Specific Point in an Article

Let’s say you post articles to Facebook. People see hundreds of articles pass through their Facebook newsfeeds every day and they don’t pay much attention to them. You can change that by pointing out something in the article.

For example, you could post a marketing article and write a reaction to one of the points. You could say something like, “This article says link building is dead. I’m not so sure, but they make some good points. What do you think?”

Use Emoticons

Plain text doesn’t always stand out in a busy newsfeed. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. You can stand out and boost engagement by using emoticons in your posts. Emoticons increase comments and shares, so express yourself from time to time. Just make sure the emoticons you choose stick with your brand image. If you’re a serious brand, using a silly emoticon might not be the message you want to convey.

Use Images

Emoticons aren’t the only way to break through the noise on Facebook. Images are very powerful on the social media site. Use a variety of graphics, including memes and infographics, to get your point across on social media. Images get more likes and shares than text posts do, so this is an excellent way to engage your followers.

Jump in the Conversation

If someone posts on your Facebook page, start a conversation with the person. You don’t want your page to be a one-way street. It should never be a monologue. Social media is about having conversations. The most successful marketers know how to dive in and start talking with people. This is something that people who use an auto follower bot often ignore. They want to automate the entire process and forget about all of the work that is involved in social media. Sure, you can set an auto follower bot up, but you still have to engage your followers, so you need to get to typing when they comment on something.

Encourage Feedback

You want people to engage with your Facebook page, and you can encourage that with surveys and questions. Think about what you want to know and then ask people. You can ask them upfront or create a survey. There are all kinds of tools out there that make it easy to create a survey.

Run Contests

People love to win things. You can tap into that by running a contest on your page. Have people like, comment on, and share your content to enter the contest. This will help you boost your reach. More people will see your page, which means you might be able to stop using your auto follower bot after some time. On top of that, you will have an engaged group of followers. That’s exactly what you want on Facebook.

Monitor, Monitor, Monitor

If you use a Facebook auto follower bot, your stats are very important. You want to have engaged followers. While you learned some tips to get your audience engaged, they won’t work if you don’t have real followers.

Your auto follower bot should send you real followers, but if it doesn’t, you’ll see some clues in your stats. If your new followers aren’t engaging in your page at all, you likely have a bunch of duds. You need to change your tactics to get some more involved followers. That is necessary if you’re going to kill it on Facebook.

Start Growing Your Follower Base Today

Facebook is the most popular social media network out there, and you can dominate it if you grow your follower base. Start laying the groundwork by picking up a proxy and a bot. Then, dig in and start driving followers to your page. Engage with them and make sure that your followers are legitimate. If they are, piggyback off your success by driving more followers to your page. If they aren’t, change tactics and attract some new followers to your page.

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