Top Notch Dedicated GSA SER Proxies for Successful SEO Campaigns

By July 11, 2018SEO Proxies
GSA Search Engine Ranker Proxy

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a tool that helps with automating backlink building. The software has been gaining grounds for a few years and goes through regular updates, incorporating new features that make the link building process easier and faster for web administrators.

SEO experts looking to skip years of building a healthy backlink profile for high search engine ranking have found this automated tool extremely helpful.

Other aspects of SEO, like creating quality, genuine content and optimizing a website properly may seem pretty straightforward but building backlinks is an entirely different story as it can take years to accomplish.

However, with GSA SER, that story can change for the better as you no longer have to worry and wait for your backlink profile to take shape, if you know what you’re doing.

The tool is designed to run continuously and can create backlinks for your site 24/7.

How does GSA SER work?

Having a website rank high on Search result pages requires a lot of hard work and one of these daunting tasks include creating backlinks.

The SEO landscape has experienced a lot of groundbreaking changes as a result of new algorithm introductions by Google.

Websites now require a healthy backlink profile that includes links from numerous web pages if they’re to get anywhere near the top pages of search results.

With the automated process made possible by GSA SER you can boost your search engine visibility in no time.

But that’s not all. There are other features incorporated into the software that makes it even more exciting and effective. Some of these added functions include:

Track and review your backlinks

The software makes it possible to stay on-top of the backlinks you’ve created, enabling you update, re-verify or even remove old links automatically.

Personalize your Projects

You can add your own special touches to projects after you’ve chosen the platforms you’re linking to. You’ll be able to fill in descriptions, anchor texts, and keywords.

Project Filters

There are integrated filters in the tool that helps you fine tune your backlink building efforts for better SEO results. These filters will help you define the language the site you’re linking to should have, the kind of ranking it should be, and the geographical locations where links can be placed.

Other functions included in the tool are:

Article – Content Manager that can help you pool content from the web

Email – Quick creation or import of email into the software. The software also allows you to use public catch-all email servers

Spinner – Spinning features (APIs are required here) which will help you create genuine content to avoid being flagged by Google for plagiarism.

Proxy – Either harvest public proxies or use your very own GSA SER private proxies.

GSA SER Proxies

You require proxies to run GSA SER effectively. It is the one constant for marketers using GSA SER despite the differences in type and volume of links for websites. GSA SER will enable you create new accounts and log into different websites to drop a backlink regardless of the platform the website is built on (Like WordPress or PHPbb).

To import Proxies, here’s what you need to do:

In the GSA SER tool, click on the Option button and make sure you’re in the submission tab. In the submission tab, ensure you check the public or private option. Choose the private option only if you have purchased GSA private proxies. Click on the configure button then on the next window, click on add proxy then you can click on the import option.

Once your proxy is uploaded, test them by clicking on the Test Proxies option and choose where to test them against as shown in the drop-down list. The tool will tell you if the proxies are viable by giving a green result for successful or Red for failed.

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