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Semi-Dedicated Products

Semi-Dedicated proxies are potentially shared with up to 2 other users. This means the other 2 users could potentially ban your proxy IP on the same sites you are using them on, however the prices are significantly less. Use for Social Media accounts is not recommended.

Dedicated Products

Dedicated proxies are used only by a single user (You). No other users will have access to these IPs. These proxies can be recommended for Social Media accounts.

Rotating Products

Rotating proxies give you a single proxy IP and multiple ports. When connecting to one of the ports, your traffic will be automatically routed to a proxy IP. Every 10-120 minutes (you choose), that port you connect to will route to a different IP.

Shoe Proxies

Shoe proxies are only used by you and are hosted in datacenters that are located closer to footsites for optimal speed.

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