How To Use a Price Scraper to Scrape Pricing Information

Price Scraper

Are you looking for powerful price and web scraping experience with no limitations?

A strong scraping service software that supports proxies is a crucial tool to have in advance.

It will help you extract all the special information from the web quickly.

It then exports this information into a spreadsheet or database so you can analyze or retrieve it later.

Read on to learn why price scraping is crucial, the benefits of web scraping for business, and know the best web scraping tools which support proxies.

Why Do Some People Scrape Pricing Information, and Other Information From The Web?

Also known as data extraction, and web data harvesting, web scraping is quickly gaining popularity among consumers and businesses as well.

People scrape the web for reasons.

Most importantly, some people do competitor price scraping to compare prices between different providers.

Web scraping is also commonly used to collect data from sites which doesn’t allow copying and pasting of information from their websites.

Most people also use it as a means of extracting data from sites with geo-location restrictions.

Finally, it also makes it easy to collect a lot of data in short time.

What Are The Benefits Of Web Scraping For Business?

Businesses also benefit from web scraping in multiple ways. Here’s a breakdown of the ways your business can benefit from web scraping.

Using price scraper to monitor, and track pricing strategies of your competitors, so you’re updated on the trending marketing strategies.

For manufacturing companies, it allows you to monitor the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), so you can ensure all your retailers comply with the minimum pricing regulations.

Web scraping also makes it easier to monitor consumer review to make it easy to tailor your services or improve them to meet their

Most businesses also use this technique for SEO purposes as it also helps you find the high-value keywords that competitors are ranking for.

Finally, you can also use this technique to collect email addresses for generating leads.

Which Is The Best Web Scraping Software/Tool That Supports Proxy?

Web scraping with proxies help you protect your machine’s IP address from being blocked.

Not all the tools used here support the proxies though.

Here is a quick list to help you find the best software for your needs.

Scraper API

It makes it easy to manage browsers, proxies, and Captchas to get any page’s HTML.

It’s also quick, reliable, and easy to use.

Browser-based software that comes with an editor for setting up crawlers for quick data extraction, and exporting to either JSON and CSV or save in any cloud platform.


This software uses crawlers which are powerful proxy rotators to help you crawl even bot protected sites.

It then converts gathered data into a standardized format for ease of analysis.


It allows you to add proxies and scrape the web anonymously and gather data with no single line of code.


Scrapebox is a monster when it comes to scraping – You can even set instructions for this software to follow, and it can scrape seamlessly thereafter on your target websites.

Ensure that you have the right Scrapebox proxies loaded when scraping, so that the tool can work flawlessly.

Bottom Line

Web scraping typically involves the transformation of unstructured data to structured data.

Considering that you are using bots to do this, you may need to check for spam form prevention so you can only get the right information.

If you’re using it for SEO, it will be critical that you focus on original content for your contents to rank high for a long time.

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