The Difference Between Residential & Data Center Proxies

Residential and datacenter proxies

A proxy refers to a server that exists between a given personal computer and the internet. Proxies help to hide the IP address of any person that is accessing the internet.

Residential Proxies

A residential proxy refers to an Internet Protocol (IP) address that is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and is allocated to a particular homeowner.
The pros of using residential proxies

1. Minimal Blacklists; the main advantage of using residential proxies is the fact that they are provided by a recognized ISP and thus chances of blacklists are minimal.

2. They are legitimate: Residential proxies are legitimate IP addresses that are offered by an ISP in your country.


1. They are expensive: Residential proxies are expensive, and this makes them less desirable for use.

2. You can be located: The IP address provided by your ISP is a real one. This makes it possible for your location to be pinpointed to a particular geographical area.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are also known as dedicated private proxies. From the name, it is clear that this is a proxy that is used by a single client at a given time to hide their public IP.

The pros of using a dedicated private proxy

1. They are cheaper: Compared to residential proxies, datacenter proxies are cheaper and thus easier to purchase and run.

2. Come in bulk: Datacenter proxies come in bulk, and this helps the user to change his or her IP address with each connection that they make to the internet.

3. Untraced location: Unlike residential proxies that can be pinpointed to a particular location datacenters keep changing from time to time, and thus the user goes untraced.


1. They are not linked to an ISP, and therefore in case of any abuse, the heat is on the user who gets blacklisted.

Why you should choose dedicated proxies over residential proxies

There are a ton of reasons in the book as to why you should choose dedicated private proxies over residential proxies. These are just some of them:

1. They are more reliable

The core purpose of a proxy is to hide your online identity. Datacenters do this with ultimate perfection. The fact that you can use multiple IPs with each new connection helps to make your online presence anonymous and more secure.

2. Higher uptime

Datacenters guarantee you the user a higher uptime when compared to residential proxies. With dedicated private proxies, you will experience minimal downtimes, unlike residential proxies. This makes for smooth user experience when connected to a data center.

3. Faster

Owing to the fact that dedicated private proxies come in bulk this ensures that you get connected to the fastest server available to datacenter. This makes this type of proxies have higher speeds compared to residential proxies.

4. Pings faster

When connected to a datacenter proxy, you are guaranteed that should you need to troubleshoot your ping test will be much faster.

Proxies are a reliable tool for anyone looking to secure their online activities. Choosing a datacenter proxy makes this even better.

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