The Ultimate Pros & Cons of Cheap Proxy vs Free Proxy

cheap proxy

At times the world of internet can get complex especially for someone who’s is a beginner. If you’re one of them then sooner or later you’ll be needing a proxy to access sites that are blocked.

There are different types of proxies and one must know the pros and cons before they decide to go for one. Today we’ll be discussing shared or cheap proxy with a free proxy. Both the two kinds of proxies come with a wide range of benefits which are detailed below:

Cheap Proxy

Advantages of Shared or a Cheap Proxy:

There are multiple reasons why a cheap proxy can benefit you.

Web Browsing: The biggest advantage one gets by using cheap proxies is that one can browse anonymously over the internet. As shared proxies are used by multiple people so it can get hard to trace down. As all the users use the same IP address. The same can be applied to downloading torrents anonymously.

A hidden IP Address: As mentioned before, your IP address will be hidden as it is used by more than one person. Cheap private proxies are actually very private and secured.

Geo-Unblocking: Geo unblocking is an aspect that is concerned with media that is banned in certain countries. As we all know that there is content that is out there that might be restricted. By using a shared proxy you can have access to this content.

SEO: Many companies use shared or a cheap proxy to monitor keyword positions that determine a rank of a website. Buy cheap proxy if you’re looking to do some keyword research.

Disadvantages of a Cheap Shared Proxy:

As one can see that the biggest advantage of a cheap proxy is the fact that it gives you anonymity. However, this where the disadvantage lie. A shared proxy’s only disadvantage is that it can get your IP address blocked. This normally happens due to the fact that if you or someone else on the same IP address does an illegal activity. Regardless of whoever does it, the IP address will get banned.

The second disadvantage normally occurs when a specific website enlists your IP address as spam. If an action is being performed by all users on a single website then the website will consider it spam and will be blocked.

A cheap proxy normally comes as a shared proxy and it can be used to browse internet anonymously. It can also be used to access sites which might have restricted you before.

Are Free Proxies an Option?

Free proxies can always be an option but there are not a lot of advantages of using a free proxy. For example it can get blocked really quickly and will slow down your computer as well.

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