How Do Sneaker Bots Work?

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how do sneaker bots work

If you’re attempting to get into the sneaker copping industry, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about automated bots. So, what exactly is a sneaker bot? In simple words, it’s a piece of software meant to automate the checkout process and make repeated transactions in online sneaker stores while employing sneaker proxies.

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You will almost certainly need to utilize bots if you are serious about making money from re-selling shoes on platforms like eBay. This article will review all there is to know about sneaker bots and how to use a sneaker bot.

What Are Proxies for Bots?

learn about proxy for botA sneaker bot, sometimes known as a “shoe bot,” is a complex software component meant to assist consumers in making rapid purchases of limited-edition merchandise while it is still available.

Sneaker bot operators utilize proxies to mask their identities as intermediaries. Proxies provide sneaker sites with a wide range of IP addresses.

Sneaker bots were first developed to assist their operators in purchasing a large amount of limited-edition shoes at a time. These bots are now used to acquire items that are only available in limited quantities or things that are only available in certain geographical zones.

How to Use Sneaker Bots

how to use sneaker botsSneaker bots may be used in various ways since they are only computer programs that execute commands as given.

Sneaker bots that harvest inventory data from a web page are one of the many ways that you can extract the data you need. This is a simpler way to use a bot. You can find many influencers on different platforms demonstrate how they extract inventory data from the URL. The bot’s operator might then utilize this bot to be notified when shoes are restocked.

Sneaker bots that mimic a human-mouse and click activity to deceive advanced bot prevention programs is a more advanced usage of sneaker bots.

It’s no secret that the people behind bots go to great measures to hide their activities. For example, more advanced reseller bots would conceal their IP addresses using proxies. This makes it look like the bots originate from disconnected home addresses rather than a single coordinated location.

Sneaker bots go by a variety of names. Bots like NikeShoeBot and GaneshBot are just a

few examples. Some are manufactured specifically for shops like Foot Locker, Nike, or Adidas, while others are more generic.

The Best Proxies for Sneaker Bots

find best proxy for sneaker botsThe answer to this is a little more complicated than you think. It’s important to know when you’re getting into the sneaker industry, choosing a bot has everything tp dp with what brand you’re trying to cop. All in One Bot or SoleSlayer are good options for looking for many distinct brands. Shopify, Frenzy, Nike, Adidas, and Supreme are just some of the companies and websites where you may utilize both of them.

Nike Shoe Bot could be a better option for Supreme, over 100 Shopify businesses, Foot sites, and Adidas. The following are examples of popular sneaker bots available for your copping game:

Nike bot and RNB AIO

Better Nike Bot (BNB) is one of the best public Nike shoe bots. It is one of just a handful of bots that have been able to keep up with Nike’s ever-changing designs. To use BNB at its best potential, you need to use a residential sneaker proxy.

China is the only location where the Better Nike Bot does not operate. Supreme, Bape Adidas, Footlocker, and Footaction are just a few of the many retailers supported by the BNB All in One (or BNB AIO) edition.

The Better Nike Bot and BNB AIO have many additional features and set-up instructions available in our blog entries.

The Nike SNKRS bots

Yet another Nike-specific bot, the ANB Nike SNKRS Bot may be found on various Nike-specific websites. You can execute up to 500 jobs at once with this bot, which is incredibly user-friendly and includes good Discord assistance. Auto-checkout and a proxy checking tool are also included. Awesome, right?

AIO bot

One of the most popular bots among sneakerheads is the All in One (AIO) bot. In addition to that, I think it’s well worth the hype. AIO bot was developed by the same team that built Another Nike Bot; thus, it’s recognized for its numerous work settings and data collector, which lets you produce Captcha tokens instantly. In addition, the Discord server is great, as well as the precise instructions for ultra-limited shoes!

Are Sneaker Bots Worth It?

importance of sneaker botsThe current state of the sneaker resale industry is quite volatile. As a result, some of the most seasoned sneaker botters focus on NFTs and GPUs as their primary targets. On the other hand, if used properly, sneakers bots can help make the selling and copping of footwear more rewarding.

One of the most tempting aspects of sneaker botting is the sense of familiarity. Even if you don’t succeed all the time. As a result, many sneakerheads stay in the business because of the opportunity to sell sneakers and cop sneakers together, since using combined resources is more profitable.

Even though it’s a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, it’s still a nice side job or lifestyle. The road to being a sneakerhead will not be simple, but it will be worth it in the long run.


conclusion on sneaker botsWhether you are looking to resell sneakers or simply cop a pair for your own collection, having a sneaker bot paired with the right proxy is a necessity. Connect with the sneakerhead community for more tips and tricks on how to enter this tricky yet rewarding market!

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