Get Ahead Of Maplestory Gameplay With A Maplestory Proxy

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Maplestory proxy

A Proxy server is a gateway that can be used between you and the internet. Maplestory proxy, on the other hand, provides you a doorway to the game you know fully well but on another level of experience. There are some stuff people do over the internet in secret. Moreover, some people prefer to not expose how they are improving game-wise. They don’t want to take risks and therefore uses proxy servers. 

Why use proxies?

Without the use of proxy servers, your IP address can easily be traced. By tracking your IP address, your location can be traced easily. Therefore, your chance of exposing other information is great as well. The internet is basically unsafe without using proxy. Every computer has a unique IP address. With a proxy server, you get to mask your computer’s IP address to the one provided as a ‘proxy’ by the proxy server.

The risk of you exposing your information will be zeroed out when using proxies and you can continue with your activities with peace of mind. This is most helpful to those who perform tasks that put them at risk of exposing their information. Proxy servers also opens access to previously restricted sites due to geographical limitations, giving you a wider world to explore.

Why People bot on Maplestory?

Bots play an important role in Maplestory players. It takes one’s gaming experience to a whole new level. People bot on Maplestory for different reasons – for monetary reasons or simply to be ahead of the game and have that sense of entitlement. Although there are those who do it to easily obtain their goals towards the game. Maplestory also has that long and sometimes dragging gameplay, therefore players use bots to complete them with ease. With the game’s growing popularity, a lot of people tend to explore how they can use the game to their advantage. And with the use of bots, it puts them ahead of the rest. 

Samples of Maplestory bots in the Market

There are different kinds of Maplestory bots that are popular today. Most gamers used these bots primarily to improve their game-play. Aside from that, bots help these individuals to achieve their other game goals as mentioned previously. Individuals can use it to play games, earn money, and to make work stuff easy without exposing their current location. Here are some examples of Maplestory bots: RocknShock, Old and Detected, Maplestory 2; bot Maplestory, Frenzy Totem, and Algorithmic Trading.

These bots are mostly used worldwide. By using this software, individuals perform different kinds of work stuff. Sometimes, people have an issue to create an account on these bots. These issues can be solved very easily with the help of proxies. Once an individual purchases a proxy service and changes IP address with another, they can use it easily. If individuals have problems with geographical restriction, they can solve it by changing their IP location. 

Why the bot needs Maplestory Proxy to Work?

Maplestory bots help you do multiple queries on the internet at the same time. These helps to send a lot of requests on the computer. With the use of Maplestory proxies, you can save from prying eyes on the internet. Individuals cannot be exposed by using bots with Maplestory proxy. In this way, the chance of exposures are negated whenever a person works on Maplestory bot with a Maplestory proxy. Sometimes, a person wants to use different search engines at the same time. Therefore, a proxy cannot be applied to each search. For this reason, the chance of getting exposed increases. Individuals can solve this problem by using a Maplestory bot with a Maplestory proxy. The proxy becomes the backbone of this software. 

The Best Maplestory Proxy

There are a lot of proxy types that can be used for Maplestory. The two most common would be SOCKS and HTTP. Proxies allow users to create multiple accounts as they are given different IPs per proxy. Therefore, individuals do not need to use multiple protocols on the same computer.

There are three types of Maplestory proxy that are available:

Free Proxies

As the name suggests, these proxy types are free and are easily accessible. However, the security of these proxy types is highly questionable and one should use it if for tasks that require securing of personal information. Free proxies are also slow and unreliable as they are being shared by a lot of users.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies

These proxies are way better than the free ones. However, you will need to spend a certain amount of money to get a hold of these proxies. Although the proxies will still be shared in nature, it will be shared with a limited amount of people and therefore, less traffic and better speeds when compared to free proxies. One should also note that in using these proxies, one’s action will affect those whom he shares these proxies with. If he causes an IP to be blocked due to certain site violations, other users will be affected consequently.

Dedicated Proxies

These proxy types are the premium proxies. You are assured of both security and reliability in terms of speed. As these proxies are dedicated to one’s use, you can be sure that no information will be leaked. Speed is ensured as the infrastructure is only focused on one’s use. These proxies are the most expensive of the options given as well but you can be sure of their quality.

Out of the 3 proxy types, one should consider the dedicated proxies for Maplestory. If you want speed and security go for dedicated proxies for Maplestory.


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