The Only Guide that You Need for Premium Scrapebox Proxy for Scraping

By September 9, 2018SEO Proxies
Scrapebox Proxy for Scraping

In the world of search engines, there is a process called search engine scraping which is basically the process of harvesting URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) descriptions.

This usually happens to the information provided in search-engines which includes Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

SERP scraping usually depends on regularly scraping the information and keywords that aims to monitor the competitive position of the websites of their customers regarding the relevant keywords.

Search engines do not usually take any action against scraping, however, most of them apply a defense method to secure their operations and make scraping become a hard task to do.

Now that we have known the basic in search engine scraping, this should be the right time to talk about the best proxy harvester available.


Scrapebox is a powerful tool for proxy harvesting and has the ability to utilize multiple proxies to do certain tasks such as URL harvesting from search engines or scraping emails as well. Scrapebox has been dubbed by a number of users as the Swiss-Army-Knife of SEO with its multiple functionalities. Some of the key features of Scrapebox are listed below;

Search Engine Harvester

Scrapebox lets you harvest multiple amounts of URLs that may be coming from major search engines in a matter of seconds, with its built-in footprint finder that helps you to find relevant links to your keyword or niche.

It also allows you to add search engines of your preference where you can harvest URL. Scrapebox can work its magic when a website contain search-box on it.

Proxy Harvester

Scrapebox also has the ability to harvest proxies that came from visited forums and websites that publish proxy lists which means that it is possible to add preferred proxy websites’ URL.

Scrapebox also gives you the freedom to add the custom-proxy test to know if proxies can work on some of the most visited websites and social media platforms.

This tool gives all the functionality like a country filter, port filters, and speed filters that give the exact proxy needed, all for the price of one.

Mass Link Builder

This functionality of Scrapebox is essential in boosting the exposure to any of the search engines by allowing you to make multiple comments on your blogs and other blog platform, guest-book, image-platforms, trackbacks, and contact forms.

Keyword Scraper

This functionality of Scrapebox allows you to dig into the thousands of available keywords available in the pop-down suggestions that are related to the keyword that has been entered in the search box.

Other Available Tools

This powerful tool also helps in downloading photos at lightning speed, creating RSS’s feed and even sitemaps.

It can also help you to find unregistered domains and extract emails, also allowing the user to check-indexed page as well as many more time-saving features.

Scrapebox is a powerful tool which is compatible with Windows and Mac operating system and even in their older versions making it compatible with any type of device.

With all of its functionalities, it really lives up to being the Swiss-army-knife of SEO.

Scrapebox Proxies

You will need to pair Scrapebox with some good Scrapebox proxies for enhanced scraping and posting capabilities.

A good Scrapebox proxy would be able to minimize the security feature that could be invoked by a particular website security, thus, investing into a good set of Scrapebox proxy pays well at the end of the road.

A good set of Scrapebox proxies can also be used as scraping proxies, thus, with the better versatility offered, having a good set of proxies would maximize the effectiveness when being used on Scrapebox.

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