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By May 10, 2020Proxies
Semi dedicated proxy

What are Proxies?

Before getting into free, dedicated, and semi-dedicated proxies, it is essential to understand what actually are proxies. A proxy server works as a gateway between a user and the internet and without it, one’s information gets directly exposed from the website you browse.

In the absence of a proxy, your requests will be processed directly between you and the website. The objective of using proxies is to separate you from the sites you browse. Here are some reasons to use proxies:

  • For increasing security
  • Promote anonymity
  • Build & bypass restrictions
  • Balance web traffic
  • Better speed
  • Conduct competitor’s research
  • Social networking

Types of Proxies

Here are major types of proxies:

  1. Free Proxies

With free proxies, you would be able to use the service without paying anything. But, is it really possible that someone will provide service for totally free? Free proxies will still hide your original IP address, but they can be dangerous in many ways.

  1. Semi-Dedicated Proxies

What is a semi-dedicated proxy? Semi-dedicated proxies are cheaper as compared to dedicated proxies. With a semi-dedicated proxy, you will be sharing the same IP address with other users. This type of proxy is far better than free proxies.

  1. Dedicated Proxies

If you are very much concerned about the security aspect, the dedicated proxy is the right choice. In this type of proxy, you won’t be sharing the IP address with anyone. The only problem is they are costly as compared to semi-dedicated proxies.

Pros & Cons

Each type of proxies has its own pros and cons.

Free Proxies:


  • You don’t have to pay anything
  • Easily available


  • Not secure all the time
  • Low connection speed

Semi-Dedicated Proxies


  • Less costly than dedicated proxies
  • Better security


  • You have to pay money to get the service
  • You will be sharing the IP address with some users

Dedicated Proxies


  • 100% privacy & anonymity
  • Fast connection speed


  • Expensive

Benefits of Semi-Dedicated Proxies

Before understanding the benefits, let’s understand what are semi-dedicated proxies, in brief. It is the type of proxy which ensures better security and anonymity as compared to free proxies. With semi-dedicated proxies, your IP address will be visible to the few users. 

Semi-dedicated is considered as one of the best options when it comes to buying proxies. Here are some major advantages of semi-dedicated proxies:


The major reason why people prefer using semi-dedicated or shared proxies than private proxies is that it is cheap. Getting a private or dedicated proxy can be very expensive. With the semi-dedicated proxy, you will get better security at a cheap price. Make sure to buy semi-dedicated proxies if you want to get better privacy & anonymity at a cheap price.


This type of proxies is cheap, but the experience you will get with such proxies will be amazing. Depending on the cost you will be paying for the semi-dedicated or shared proxies, you will get great service.

Testing a new strategy

Do you want to test a new strategy before implementation? Using the semi-dedicated proxy can be a great idea. If you want to test a new strategy, a shared or semi-dedicated proxy can be a good choice than a private or dedicated proxy. Spending money on getting private proxy just for testing the strategy may not be a good idea.

Security & Anonymity

With free proxies, the chances of risks will be very high. Almost all the free proxies have some security risks because no one is going to provide the service for absolutely free. When the product is free, it means you are the product. This becomes very important when you want a proxy for an important project and you can’t compromise with the safety. With a semi-dedicated proxy, you would get better security and anonymity as compared to the free proxy.

Purchase more

When you want to purchase more, selecting the private or dedicated proxy will be very costly. Private proxy is advisable when you have a great budget. Even with less budget, you can purchase more semi-dedicated proxies. Apart from this, it also ensures better security.

So these are the major benefits of semi-dedicated proxies. Find the right company and select the best semi-dedicated proxies.

Why Would One Use Semi-Dedicated Over Dedicated Proxies or Free Proxies?

As we have seen, all these three proxy types have their own pros and cons. Depending on your requirements, you may choose a semi-dedicated, dedicated, or free proxy. Normally, people prefer using semi-dedicated proxies over free or private proxies. Here are the reasons:

Why use semi-dedicated proxies over free proxies?

People often get confused about whether they should use semi-dedicated proxies or free proxies. Both have their own pros and cons. Using free proxies does not cost a penny and it can be easily accessible. But, the major downsides of using free proxies are they are not always secure. If you want to use proxies for an important project, it is advisable to use either private proxy or semi-dedicated or shared proxy.

The major reason to use the semi-dedicated proxy over a free proxy is it is you will have better security. Free proxies can be dangerous and do not ensure security, while with semi-dedicated proxy, you will have security.

Another major downside of using free proxies is they have low connection speed. With a poor or fluctuating connection speed, it can be difficult to test your strategy. Getting a semi-dedicated proxy will make sure you get better connections and security. Your IP address in the semi-dedicated proxy will be visible to a few other users.

Why use semi-dedicated proxies over dedicated proxies?

Your question could be – “Should I choose semi-dedicated or dedicated proxies?”

Mainly, it is based on your requirements. In general, choosing semi-dedicated proxies is more advisable than dedicated proxies. The major reason to use semi-dedicated or shared proxies over dedicated or private proxies is it is cost-effective. Though dedicated or private proxies come with great security, the main downside is they are very costly.

Using semi-dedicated proxies will make sure better security at a less price. This is what makes a semi-dedicated proxy perfect for testing a new strategy. If you are planning to test a new strategy, using private proxies can be really expensive. With the semi-dedicated proxy, you can test your proxy with a limited budget.

Getting a private or dedicated proxy just for the purpose of testing is not a good idea. Companies often prefer using shared proxies for the testing of the new strategies. Instead of spending big amounts on the private proxy, a semi-dedicated proxy will help you save your money.


In a nutshell, it is advisable to use semi-dedicated proxies over free or dedicated proxies. Depending on your requirements, you may choose dedicated proxies. It is not advisable to go with free proxies. One thing you need to keep in mind that free things aren’t really free.

By getting free proxies or cheap proxies from the untrustable company, you will be putting your security at risk. If you want to test a new strategy, use semi-dedicated instead of the free or dedicated proxy. With the use of a shared proxy, you will be saving a good amount of money and also having better security.

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