How to Use a Bing Proxy Server to Scrape or Access Bing Services

Bing Proxy

Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft and originated from MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search.

Bing offers dedicated search options for web, image, video and map search.

Basic Information About Bing

Apart from the main search services offered by Bing, there are other features that are known to industry insiders, and these are:

  • Bing Ads – this is for publishers who want to pay for PPC advertising on the site
  • Bing Dictionary – look for accurate meanings of English words
  • Bing Events – partners with Zvents to let users search for upcoming events
  • Bing Finance – great for searching for stocks, financial statements, stock ratings among other financial services
  • Bing health – Allows people to get detailed information on health topics from experts
  • Bing translator – translate text or web pages into 40 different languages
  • Bing Social – get real-time information from popular social media networks.
  • Bing recipe – allows users to get recipes from sites such as, and

Benefits of Using Bing Proxies When Scraping Bing

The wide range of dedicated services that Bing offers makes it a great site to go to when you are looking for targeted information.

Looking at the way the site categorizes its search engine, you can see it is much easier to target a niche and get the exact information that you need.

Are you looking for admission at a University in the United States?

Search in Bing University and get information on admissions, financial aid, cost, graduation rates and student body activities.

Using a Bing Proxy to scrape Bing, allows you to get information that is narrowed down to your specifications.

Other search engines will give you information based on the keywords used, while Bing will give you information based on the niche or industry you are targeting.

This is useful to large companies since they can keep a focused eye on what the competition is doing and strategize on how to counteract and get ahead.

Marketers are able to target potential customers based on the niche they are serving.

This enables them to get customers who already know what they are looking for from their products and services.

This increases the conversion rate.

If you want to get customers from social media posts, then Bing is the search engine to use.

Using Bing Proxies to Access Bing Services Based on Geo-location

There are certain services that Bing offers using geo-location.

For example, Bing University only lists Universities in the United States, and some geographical regions in the world do not have access to information from Bing University.

Using a Bing Proxy server allows people from such regions to access information on the Universities and probably get registered.

The proxies help you hide your IP address and you can access all geo-restricted services on Bing.

Scraping Tools that Support Bing Proxy Server Usage and can be Used to Scrape Bing


This is the ultimate search-scraping tool that will allow you to scrape through Bing results.

Scrapebox also supports Bing proxies, and that provides you with unparalleled access to their service.
Scrapebox also allows you to refine and customize your search-scraping results as well.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

You can always use this software for link building purposes, and also to scrape for content and results, particularly from Bing.

Of course, the usage of Bing proxies are highly recommended to be used along with this tool.

Local Scraper

Local Scraper is a scraping tool that would allow you to scrape through Bing maps and more, and it does support proxy usage as well.

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