Proxies and Other Tools to Make a Killing with Videos

By September 27, 2017Social Media Proxies
Proxies to Make a Killing with Videos

You know that video marketing is the way to go. You can create a video, put it on YouTube, and drive people to your site. You can even get them to make a purchase.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

In fact, it sounds so simple that you’ve probably given it a try. You followed all of the steps, uploaded your video, and then…


No one watched your video or clicked on a link. No one visited your site. You would have had the same results if you hadn’t even taken the time to create and post a video. You can’t help but feel like you wasted your time.

You might feel like giving up, but that would be a mistake. You just need to get the right tools and you’ll be a video marketing machine. Once you have some tools in place, you will be unstoppable on YouTube.

YouTube Bots or Services

There are bots and services that let you buy views on YouTube and buy YouTube fans. If you’re just starting out with a channel, you want it to gain some traction, and this can help. This will help you rise up in the ranks faster than you thought possible. You can take over the competition quickly if you use this method.

Most people prefer bots because they give them more control over the process. You can set your bot up to view your videos and send you fans. Then, your channel will get on the map.

You also have the option of buying likes or views directly from people, but you relinquish control with this strategy. You can’t be certain that you’ll get the likes and views you paid for, so be careful if you decide to buy something directly from a vendor. You might end up disappointed.

YouTube Proxies

Never use a YouTube bot without using a proxy. That is the fastest way to get banned from the site.

A YouTube proxy hides your identity and location, and it also hides the fact that you’re using a bot. You can switch out IP addresses with your proxy so YouTube doesn’t realize that all of the requests are coming from the same person. You can even manage multiple YouTube accounts with the help of a proxy. That’s a great way to reach different demographics or drive more traffic to your site.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a proxy.

Dedicated vs. Free Proxies

First and foremost, choose a dedicated proxy. Free proxies look great on the surface, but they are slow. You need something that has a fast connection or you won’t ever get all of the views and followers you want. Your bot won’t be able to move quickly if the connection is slow, so you will only be able to pick up a couple of views or followers at a time. That will negate the purpose of using a bot.

Free proxies are also dangerous. You never know who is running them. There are horror stories about hackers running free proxies with the sole purpose of breaking into computers. You put your information in, and while you’re waiting to connect to the server, the hacker breaks into the computer. He or she gets all of your personal information and owns your PayPal account while you’re still waiting for the connection.

They’re also really unreliable. Someone can run a legitimate proxy, but he or she still won’t be able to ensure that it will provide a stable connection at any given time. Too many people share IP addresses with these proxies. There aren’t enough resources to keep the proxy running, so it is hard to maintain a connection.

These proxies are more of a headache than they are worth. That is why you should stick with a dedicated proxy. You will get your own resources to use with these proxies. That way, you will have a solid connection and be able to log into the server at any time.

Country of Origin and Compatibility

You should also pick a proxy that is in your country of origin. You don’t want to make a bunch of YouTube requests from a different country, as that will stand out.

Finally, make sure the proxy is compatible with the bot. Some proxies work with all bots, while others only work with some. Do your homework ahead of time to make sure your proxy works with the bot you choose.

The AdWords Keyword Planner

You don’t just want to buy views on YouTube. You also want people to find your videos and watch them on their own. That is why you need to take the time to find the right keywords for your videos. That’s a breeze with the AdWords Keyword Planner.

Type keywords related to your video’s topic into the planner, and it will give you some keyword suggestions. You can look at the search volume for the different suggestion to find out what is popular.

Then, use the keywords when creating your description and your tags for the video. This will help you draw a lot more people in. Over time, you might not have to buy YouTube fans. You will come by them naturally.

Competitor Analytics

Use a tool like a YouTube Analysis tool to find out what your competitors are doing on YouTube. Yes, you’re going to start by buying views and followers, but eventually, you’ll want to be self-sufficient. This tool will help you accomplish that.

This pay-as-you-go analytics tool looks at your competitors’ channels and gives you all kinds of useful information. Have you ever wondered when the best time to upload a video so you can get comments and likes? This tool will tell you. It will also tell you how the video’s duration impacts views and engagement. This is just a snapshot of what this tool offers. You will get some valuable data with this cool tool.

CTA Overlay

Call-to-action overlays are a good tool to use for your YouTube videos. This is basically a clickable call to action that you put inside of your video. This is a great choice if you are running a marketing campaign.

Let’s say that you are talking about a product that’s on your site. You could tell people to visit your site to get more information, and then the overlay would appear. People could click on the link and go to your site without closing out of the video.

Additional Tips for Your Videos

You have the tools. Now you just need to follow some tips and you won’t have to spend much more money to buy views on YouTube. Once you get some purchased views under your belt, people will start finding you and they will watch your videos.

Keep It Short

The best videos are 1-2 minutes in length. Don’t expect people to stick around for a full minute before anything happens, though. Your video might be short, but you have to grab people’s attention right from the jump. Your first 15 seconds need to be compelling. That’s when people are going to decide if they should stay or they should go. If they aren’t interested during that time, they will click out and find another video. There’s a lot of competition on YouTube, and people who stand out in the beginning get the views.

Be Original

People make the mistake of trying to piggyback off the success of someone else on YouTube. Yes, you should definitely check out your competitors and find out what is working for them, but you should not copy their videos. People expect videos to be unique. If your video looks like someone else’s, people won’t have any reason to watch it. They’ll just go to the source and watch the originals instead of watching your rip-off videos.

Have a Consistent Posting Strategy

You’re going to buy YouTube fans in an effort to attract real fans. You need to give those fans a reason to stick around. That means you need to follow a consistent posting strategy. Your fans should know when to expect a new video from you. If you miss your posting dates too often, they will forget about you. The internet is fast-paced, and people are not used to waiting.

Don’t Stick with Something That Isn’t Working

You don’t want to have to buy views on YouTube for the rest of your channel’s existence. You want people to want to watch your videos, and you also want them to be able to find them. Check out the analytics, and if people aren’t watching, it’s time to make changes. You might need to change your keywords or the video themselves. Sometimes something as simple as tweaking the title format will help you get views. Come up with changes that will help you reach your audience.

Check the Audio

You don’t need fancy video equipment, but you do need to sound like a pro. If your audio sounds fuzzy or far away, it will frustrate your viewers. Upgrade your microphone so you sound better on your videos. This simple tweak can help you get more followers. After all, people are a lot more likely to follow someone they can actually understand.

Share Your Videos on Social Media

You can buy YouTube fans and get a nice following, and you can increase that following by sharing your videos on your social media channels. Share each of your videos to your social media accounts. Also, don’t be afraid to write a blog post to introduce your new videos, especially if you have a really good one to share. You need to promote your videos if you’re going to attract as many people as possible. Remember, the goal is to stop buying fans and followers at some point. You will get there eventually, but you have to promote everything.

Start Building Your Channel

Now you are ready to start building your YouTube channel. Pick up the tools you need, including your proxies. Set everything up and start making your videos. Then, you can send your followers toward the channel and get some views. It won’t take long for you to move up the ranks and have a popular channel on YouTube. Then, you can finally reach your audience and drive them to your website.

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