How You Can Use Reddit Proxy for Reddit Account Automation Bot

Proxies for Reddit

In the scenario where social media marketing is dominating the global marketing domain, Reddit serves to be a blend of message boards, news sites, and social media.

If you are one of those serious users who is on social media for some engaging content then Reddit is the one-stop destination for you.

Reddit has some of its strict regulation policies that delete spam instantly and gives you more freedom of speech than Twitter or other places where people find it funny to troll others.

If you desperately want to rule the world of Reddit then you definitely need to get through some of the basic technicalities like sub-reddits, account management, using a Reddit proxy etc.

Here’s your very own guide for dominating the world of Reddit.

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Reddit Account Management and Creation

This, of course, isn’t rocket science but if you want to rule the web face of Reddit, then visibility is the best and most important factor.

Where some people contented with a single account, some tend to open multiple accounts to expand their sources and upvote their own content.

There are different kind of software for Reddit that can make the entire process of account creation and management easier for you.

Reddit Proxy

Getting started with Reddit Proxy

The software that is used for account creation if used without Reddit proxies, would get linked to the same IP address.

So if you are using the same IP address to publicize your content then Reddit would classify it as spam.

This is when the proxies can save your back. Proxies can serve as an intermediary as they every time connect your ID to different serves before connecting to Reddit so every account that you use has its very own IP address.

So while switching between the accounts, Reddit proxies ensure that you maintain anonymity.

Is there any other alternative for Reddit Proxies?

Yes, there is! Well, some people do use the Virtual Private Network or VPN for hiding their IP address.

Unlike the proxies that hide the IP address, VPNs encrypt the entire connection that makes the traffic coming altogether from a different source.

People do this so that their content won’t be spammed by people like that of the Reddit automation bot.

But this too has its certain drawbacks like speed and difficulty in management.

One of the massive issues with VPN is that it comes with a single IP address so you really won’t be able to hide your identity from Reddit for long as the link between the accounts would be obvious.

Speed and privacy are also some of the biggest concerns as you get to use VPN only when you allow the system to access your data.


It is rightfully said that Reddit can give you the best of the web these days.

Though during the initial days Reddit may seem to be quite intimidating for you with time and with the right tools and techniques, using Reddit can become fun.

All you need to do is to think over and make a plan and you will hike your submission scores like anything.

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