Generate Website Traffic Using Traffic Bots & Proxies

By July 23, 2019SEO Proxies
Traffic Bot

Are you having trouble generating enough traffic to your website?

Perhaps you want to generate more views for your Youtube videos?

If so, then you’ve probably heard about traffic bots and proxies and how it might just be the solution to your predicament.

But is it truly a good idea?

What is a traffic bot proxy in the first place, and what benefits can you expect when using one?

These are good questions, especially if you are new to traffic bots and have never used one yourself.

So What Exactly are Traffic Bots?

A proxy traffic bot is just what it sounds like — a piece of software used to generate non-human traffic (hits) to a specific URL may it be a website/blog, landing page, videos, apps and the like.

If you’ve been in the online marketing business for some time, then you would know that traffic bots generally have a negative reputation among marketers as they are often associated with spamming, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks and other illicit activities.

However, the truth is that SEO traffic bots are just tools, and like any tool, it can be used for both good and bad.

Consider the fact that Google itself uses one to crawl and index millions if not billions of websites every day.

In this article, we will, of course, focus on the good things that a traffic bot has to offer. We will delve into some key benefits and tips on what people need to know about using one today.

Only then can you decide whether traffic bots are worth spending your time and resources on.

The Benefits of Using Traffic Bots

Now the primary benefit of using a traffic bot is to, of course, increase traffic.

That might seem like a no-brainer, and it is certainly not our intention to insult our reader’s intelligence.

However, there is more to this than people realize.

You would surely agree that the key to any form of marketing is to attract the attention and confidence of your audience.

That can prove difficult for someone who’ve just started a new blog or published their first few videos on Youtube.

For this reason, people use software like “Supreme Traffic Bot” to give themselves a much-needed boost.

While many may argue that the boost you get from traffic bots has no value, this isn’t necessarily the case.

For one thing, a significant increase in views can instantly make your blog seem more reputable and attractive to users.

Imagine for a minute that you are searching for videos on a particular subject.

Which videos would you likely watch from the search results? A video with 10 or 20 views or one that has thousands?

We thought so.

On a side note, traffic bots can also be used to check websites for bad links.

This gives marketers ample opportunity to fix link errors that are bound to hurt search rankings.

Why it’s Essential to Use a Proxy When Using a Traffic Bot?

So you’re convinced that a traffic bot offers some value to your business?

However, before you get started, there is one crucial thing that you’ll need — a reliable proxy service!

It’s no secret that traffic bots can get you penalized by Google, Youtube, or whichever platform you’re looking to use a traffic bot on.

After all, these entities don’t like it when you mess around with their metrics.

To mitigate the risk described above, traffic bot users must utilize a reputable proxy service that routes activity to hundreds of external servers.

Doing so makes the hits generated by a traffic bot seem more legitimate as they are coming from different addresses, which mean lower risks of getting penalized.

So equipping your bot with a good set of compatible traffic bot proxies can definitely go a long way.

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