Youtube Proxies Is the Answer to Manage Multiple Youtube Accounts

YouTube proxies

What is the Marketing Potential of YouTube?

If we look a few years back, YouTube was just a normal video streaming platform with limited users having privileged high-speed internet.

However, the scenario is completely changed now.

With every pair of the hand having the latest smartphone and the fastest internet connectivity, everyone has quick and easy access to YouTube.

The moment we find ourselves stuck somewhere in between a task, or we are unsure of how to do a certain thing, YouTube is the first place we search how-to for.

Also, it is quite difficult to not share with our friends and families the new video we just saw.

The problem is, many businesses have not yet realized the true potential of YouTube.

They still ignore the power of video marketing and the boom it may bring to their business.

Ask yourself, why do you see a number of ads on YouTube these days?

It is because if used effectively, video marketing is a great way to draw more traffic to the website, and bring in customers as well.

More than a billion people use YouTube per month, so there is no way you should not consider this as a mere platform for funny or nonsensical videos.

You may also think that the industry your business belongs to, is not great a fit for YouTube.

If you type in a question from your industry, and you see many search results, it means you are missing out on creating new relationships with your new customers.

You don’t know it, but the user engagements made on YouTube can be easily turned to potential customers which are bound to benefit your business.

For starters, here are the ideas for the type of videos you can make.

Proxy for Youtube

Proxy for Youtube

How-To Videos

The most common yet very effective category.

If your customers are posting frequent queries on multiple topics, start by a series of How-To videos, and answer them to incline their interest towards your business.

Workforce Challenges

It is always better to let customers know about the company’s work members.

This may help in building trust amongst the consumers as they will then have a face and personality to your business.


They say self-praise is bad, but not if it benefits you in a longer run.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in uploading promotional videos, highlighting the key offerings of your business.

Adding a call-to-action at the end of the video is a good way to interest the customer in contacting you.

Should You Setup a Large Youtube Ad Campaign?

Is it justifiable to spend a huge amount on ad campaigns on YouTube?

Why people do that?

After all the benefits, if you still stress on why people invest so much on the advertisements on YouTube, it is not really your fault.

People are usually baffled on why companies choose to spend huge amounts on these ad campaigns.

If you are a business looking to try and make better use of video marketing, the question is spot on.

YouTube has a never-ending video library, with a one hour video adding every second and 4 billion videos being watched every day.

These stats are enough to announce the huge potential YouTube carries.

Also, focus on the following point came on the surface after a few surveys.

  • Around 72% of customers would rather watch a video to learn more about the product than read a text on a blog.
  • A survey said that around 82% of the world’s traffic would be captured by online videos by 2021.
  • 81% of customers are said to have been convinced by watching a brand’s video.

If you have a stats as impressive as these, of course, you would want to be among the many beneficiaries.

This is exactly the reason why you see many businesses are running after the ad campaigns.

Moreover, YouTube is quite different from the usual AdWords or Pay-Per-Click.

In video marketing, you have the whole attention of the user focused on the screen, which means that direct interaction is happening between a potential customer and the business itself.

And now tell me if it is not worth spending top dollars?

Multiple Youtube Account Management Software

What is the need for people to create multiple YouTube accounts?

Do they use any software to manage multiple channels?

Sometimes, having a single YouTube channel is just not sufficient for people who have multiple websites and businesses to look after.

Also, there are people who like to make separate channels for their personal and professional life.

However, there is no restriction on setting up multiple channels.

You can have as many as you like.

In the past, though, you would need to have a separate YouTube account for each channel that you would want to create.

Thank the good lord, this is not the case now!

Using Google+

In order to enjoy multiple YouTube channels, you need to use Google+.

Since Google has linked its products, if you have a Google+ account, you automatically have a YouTube account as well.

Now all you need to do is create separate G+ pages for each YouTube channel that you wish to make.

Keep in mind that your Google+ page does not necessarily have to be about your business, rather, it is just a way to keep your private profile separate from your official page.

Now that you have created the required number of G+ pages, it is time to make multiple YouTube channels out of them.

  1. Go to YouTube and click on All my channels.
  2. You will see a list of all the G+ pages you have created.
  3. Click on the new G+ page.
  4. It will ask you to Create a channel for {channel name}.
  5. Click on Ok to proceed.
  6. YouTube will tell you that you are connecting your channel and G+ page, and that is exactly what we want.
  7. Click on Ok to continue.
  8. You have successfully created your new channel.
  9. Add logo, art, and customize your channel as per the need.

See, how simple it was to get multiple channels on your YouTube account.

Handy enough?

YouTube Account Management Software

If you have a YouTube channel and you wish to get the most out of it, there are various YouTube management tools which are pretty useful.


A browser extension that helps in optimizing YouTube videos and get the best out of the channel.

SEO on the videos can be optimized using this tool.


With this tool, you can manage the comments on your videos, create keyword searches to find the video you’d like to engage with, and even ban a user from commenting.


If your channel deals with animated objects, or if you explain things using the creative way, GoAnimate is the tool for you.

It lets you create animated videos scene-by-scene with a simple drag and drop feature.


A powerful tool that helps you analyze your competitor’s channel, and understand the things working for them.

You can make improvements on your channel based on the insights you get from your competitor’s channel report.


What about managing your own channel?

Cyfe lets you keep track of all the statistics of your channel, including per video metrics and how your channel is performing.

Proxies for Youtube

Proxies for Youtube

Is it Necessary to Use Quality YouTube Proxies for Managing Multiple Channels?

What are few of the most heavily restricted websites in the world?

While I am not quite sure about others, YouTube is definitely one of them.

Some content is restricted in certain areas or country, whereas in schools, colleges, and workplaces, the service is completely inaccessible.

Youtube Proxies

That is where VPN or a Youtube proxy comes into play.

You can use these Youtube proxies to connect to a remote server which makes your IP looks like you are situated at another location.

This was, it becomes easier for you to access the YouTube content there.

However, using proxies for YouTube become prominent while managing multiple channels.

If one of your channels requires the content that is not available at your location, you would want a proxy service to locate your IP to a location where the content is accessible.

That’s when proxies become important.

Free VS Paid Youtube Proxy Services

There are various proxies for YouTube available on the Internet for you to choose from.

The list includes both free as well as paid services.

As a user, of course, we tend to incline towards the free versions more.

But mind you, free proxies are not always secure.

Think about it, what is the one thing proxy service is supposed to do?

Hide your current location and connect you to any remote server.

However, many free proxy for YouTube services don’t pay much attention to privacy.

Or even worse sometimes, that you don’t even get the security you came looking for.

Proxy for Youtube

Paid proxy services, on the other hand, are of known integrity and the owner is trusted with a clear privacy policy.

A paid proxy service will always have diverse exit points, high-quality encryption, anonymous payment methods, a corporate location, and a binding policy.

If you are searching for YouTube proxies, it is recommended to go for the paid ones.

It is a one-time investment but will fetch you benefits for a long time.

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