How to Use SoundCloud Play Bot and SoundCloud Proxy to Increase Hits

Proxies for SoundCloud

With the evolution of the digital era, the tags like a “Digital Influencer” or a Virtual Star that were considered taboo a few years back, they are now legit career options for thousands of people.

Many artists have become mainstream by using different social media platforms as their performance stage and have managed to get in the spotlight in the real world.

And if you are a musician or a singer, the platform that can help you become the “Virtual Superstar” is SoundCloud.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform and a music sharing website where thousands of budding artists and record label companies upload their audio tracks on the platform so that their followers can enjoy the content.

If you are a music aficionado, you might know a recent rap star XXXTentaction.

Well, he is one of the stars who started his career from the SoundCloud!

So, now you know big this platform can be for budding artists!

SoundCloud Competition

But, with the increasing competition on the platform, it is really tough to get enough plays and likes on this platform.

And while the internet is flooded with articles that list outs long tiresome tricks and tips that might help you get the necessary traction, the process can be so tedious that you will not be able to focus on your art!

But the tough part is getting a good head start.

It is simple logic, if you see a good amount of plays and followers on someone’s track, you might think that the track is good and at least listen to it!

So, the trick is to get the initial traction but the question is, HOW?

SoundCloud Play Bot

Well, the answer is simple, to get a good head start, all you need is a free SoundCloud play bot that increases the number of plays on your track automatically!

SoundCloud Proxy

Now there are many SoundCloud proxy sites on the internet but, it is imperative to find a SoundCloud proxy service that is compatible with increasing hits for you.

The reason is pretty simple, SoundCloud knows that people use such tricks and if they find that you are using a proxy, and then they might block that track and might even blacklist you from their site!

So, how can you determine that the bot that you are using are compatible with high-quality SoundCloud proxies?

The answer to it is simple; just understand how the bot functions and how they get you the plays!

How SoundCloud Play Bot Works?

One thing that you need to understand is that paying big bucks does not mean genuine proxies. Some of the best SoundCloud play bots are providing free plays!

Most of the genuine SoundCloud play bots use the proxy not to increase plays on your song that is too obvious for the SoundCloud to identify!

So, the smart bots visit multiple other accounts that you can visit using proxies simultaneously and in return, they will view your content.

And if they like, they stay! It is that simple.

So, the trick is to find bots that are compatible with genuine and high-quality proxies for you to use and then use that to increase not fake but genuine plays on your track!

So, now you know how you can get your much-needed head start and reach your dream of becoming a “Virtual Superstar”.

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