What are Private Proxies and 5 Important Advice Before Buying

private proxies

If you are privacy advocate you must have heard about the private proxy and VPNs. If not then it is the best time to start using private proxies as they are fast, easy to use and strong. The strict media censorship regulations, restriction on bad content is the reason popularity of private proxy is rapidly increasing. With the help of private proxy, you can unleash the full potential of the internet in any corner of the world. Here we have everything you need to know about private proxy.

Private Proxies

Commonly the dedicated private proxies are known as a proxy and not a private proxy. However, attaching the word private is important because most of the proxies available are not private. In simple words, you have two options.

  1. Free proxy
  2. Paid private proxy

You can select one of them. If you want to quickly change your IP address there are tons of ways you can use the free proxy. A free proxy might hide your IP address but when you order something free you might have to pay something in exchange and most of the time it is your private data. That is why getting a paid private proxy is a better option because you will not have to share anything in this case.

Benefits of using a private proxy

The best private proxies come with various amazing benefits. Here we have a few that you need to know about.

Private proxies provide consistency

There is no need to waste your time finding a free private proxy that will work without compromising your data. Get a private proxy because it will consistently hide your IP address and all the information that you want to hide.

Unblock content

The biggest benefits of private proxy are that it will allow you to unblock content. We all know that there are some countries that enforce regulations that would block a certain content from being able to be viewed – The usage of private proxy would allow this block to be bypassed thus giving you the flexibility of viewing that content.

Private proxies offer security

With a private proxy, you will get some extra security that you need. It will hide your IP address as well as the data that you might have been sharing with different platform while buying products online.

5 importance advice while selecting private proxy

  1. Always buy from a reliable source
  2. Check the strength of proxy and areas it is covering
  3. Pay attention to number of servers
  4. Consider downloading and uploading speed
  5. Check previous reviews and rating

Applications of private proxy

There are various applications private proxies that you can know about. The common application is while surfing the web. For example is the shows from certain countries are restricted in your area. Use the private proxy to access them. As well as you also use a private proxy from downloading games and movies from torrent.

Private proxies vs shared proxies

The main difference between a private proxy and the shared proxy is that private proxy is used by a single person who is paying for the service while a shared proxy can be used by many. As well as threats of disclosing your personal data while using shared proxy are higher as compared to the private proxy.

Make sure that you buy private proxy from a reliable platform. That is the only way you can stay anonymous and assure that your IP address will not be disclosed to any website or security platform.

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