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Gaming Proxies

If you’ve spent any time looking at online gaming communities, you have likely noticed that proxies are popular. Many of the biggest gamers use gaming proxies to play Diablo, World of Warcraft, and other popular titles, but why? Until you understand why they use these proxies, you won’t know if it is a good option for you.

Check out the reasons people use these proxies and then decide if you want to get started. Then, if you do, you can pick up some proxies and connect to your favorite gaming servers.

Play Games at Work

You work hard for your money, but sometimes, you find yourself itching to play your favorite game. That’s when Diablo and World of Warcraft proxies can help. If your IT department blocks gaming sites, you can use proxies and log into your favorite games without anyone being the wiser. Your identity will be hidden, and your boss won’t be able to tell that you’re casting spells on the company’s dime.

Be careful when you do this, though. If you go with a free proxy, it could have a virus and you could end up infecting your company’s entire system. Your boss will certainly find out if you do that. Instead, you need to pony up the cash to get a dedicated proxy. Those cost a bit more than semi-dedicated proxies, but you won’t have to share them with anyone. That ensures that you will enjoy fast streaming when you take on your enemies for your online game.

Then, you just need to add the settings to your browser at work and get started. That will make the 9–5 grind a lot more enjoyable.

Play Games at College

Work isn’t the only place that might ban your favorite games. Some colleges even ban gaming sites. They don’t want to clog up the network with games, so they don’t let people on the sites.

What fun is college if you can’t play your favorite games? You can use World of Warcraft proxies to get onto the server without your college being any wiser. You’ll give your gaming thumbs a workout as your warlock casts spells, and your university will think you’re going over your syllabus. You’ll look like the perfect student, even as you’re taking down enemies.

Avoid Regional Restrictions

Some online games have regional restrictions. If you live in an area that’s outside of the specified geographic region, you won’t be able to play the game. That’s hardly fair, but that’s the way the gaming community works.

Of course, if you use gaming proxies, you can change your virtual location. You can be anywhere in the world, allowing you to circumvent the restrictions. You can put yourself halfway across the world and play your game.

This can also help you gain access to exclusive content. For example, a game might be launched in the United States first, but you live in England. If you use a proxy, you can get access to the game while everyone else in England is still playing the previous version. That’s a good way to make your friends jealous.

If you are dealing with regional restrictions, make sure you buy a proxy that is located in the right location. Some companies only have proxies that are available in a single location, while others let you choose where you want to be.

Avoid Censorship

Depending on where you live, you might have to battle censorship with your favorite online games. You might have to play a censored version of a game, or you might not be able to play the game at all.

You can avoid that with proxies. Let’s say, for example, that Diablo is censored in your location. You could use Diablo proxies to log in from a different location. Then, you would get the full version of the game instead of the censored version.

You will likely find that you like the uncensored version of the game much better. After all, the uncensored version is the way that the developers intended the game to be.

Play with Your Friends Around the World

When you play MMORPGs, you connect to a server and play with others. In most cases, you’ll connect to a regional server. That’s fine if you want to play with strangers or buddies that live in the area, but what if you want to play with your friend who is located halfway across the world?

You can get on that person’s server with the help of a proxy. Get a proxy that is located by your friend and then play with him or her. Gaming is always more fun with others, and gaming proxies can help. You can connect with your friend in another country, and it will be as if the two of you are neighbors. Games have a way of bringing people together, at least when you get the help of Diablo proxies.

Remain Anonymous

It’s fun to interact with other gamers while playing online, but that doesn’t mean you want them to know who you are in real life. Diablo and World of Warcraft proxies keep you anonymous so you only have to reveal what you want to reveal. If you don’t want someone to know who you are, you can keep it private.

Lots of parents like this because they don’t have to worry about another player tracking down their kids. They feel much safer knowing their children are hidden behind proxies.

Of course, you don’t have to be a child to benefit from this. Most people would prefer keeping their real location and identities private, and proxies allow for that.

Use Bots

Bots aren’t allowed in games, but people use them anyway. They use bots to automate boring tasks and to level up faster. For instance, you have to collect a lot of items in World of Warcraft. Beating those quests will allow you to earn experience points that you can use to level up, but collecting isn’t a ton of fun. It’s time consuming, and it can feel like a waste when you would rather be fighting.

People who use bots have realized that proxies protect them from being detected. You do have to watch out about switching IP addresses too often with your proxy, though. If you do that, the game’s moderator might think that your account has been hacked and shut it down.

Let’s say you’re playing World of Warcraft and you set up a rotating proxy. Your proxy’s IP address rotates out every hour, so you essentially log in from a new location every hour. Blizzard will start to wonder what’s up. The company will assume you’ve been hacked, and soon, you won’t be able to get into your account.

Instead of using rotating proxies, keep the same IP address for several hours. Then you can switch it out.

This is easy to do. You can buy proxies in bundles. Buy five or so and then switch them out slowly instead of quickly.

You do have the option of getting around this by downloading the Blizzard Authenticator. You will need to pop in the authenticator code if Blizzard notices suspicious activity. In most cases, as long as you pop in the code, you’re good to go.

Enjoy Shorter Connection Routes

Each game has a main server that you need to connect to in order to play. If you’re far away from the server, your connection will be slow. Have you ever gotten booted off World of Warcraft or another game or noticed a serious lag? That’s because of the slow connection.

People build supercomputers to play games and still have that lag time. It’s incredibly frustrating, but you can speed it up with a proxy. Some people think proxies are slow, but if you know how to buy them, that’s far from the case. Dedicated proxies are fast on their own, and they’re even faster when their servers are close to your favorite game’s servers. Then, you will have a short route to the server. That will allow you to play your games without that annoying lag time.

Engage in Gaming on the Road

Your home base might be perfect for playing your favorite game, but what happens when you hit the road? You could end up somewhere that doesn’t allow game access, or you could have a hard time getting onto your game’s network. You can avoid those problems by using a proxy and can log in just as if you are at home. That means you can pick up right where you left off before you left the house.

Get PS4 and Xbox Exclusives

Many people think that gaming proxies are just for MMPORGs that you play on your computer, but you can use them for your console, as well. Just add the proxy to your network settings on your console and you can make the system think you’re located somewhere else. That means you can get PS4 and Xbox exclusives that are only available to people in certain countries.

Think about how jealous your friends will be when you’re playing the latest PS4 exclusive and they’re not. You can give them this secret if you want them to play it too, or you can leave them in the dark. Then, they’ll think you’re the coolest gamer in town.

Pay Less for Games

Have you ever noticed that games are priced differently in different locations? It’s annoying to pay more became of where you live, but you don’t have to do that anymore. You can get the deals that are offered in other countries by changing your location with a proxy. That means you can buy up more games than ever before without going over your budget. That’s a good way to feed your gaming addiction.

Start Gaming Today

You love playing games, and now, you know how you can get more out of the experience. If you like these benefits, set up your proxy network and start playing. Proxies are easy to set up and they work immediately, so you can enjoy the benefits in a matter of minutes.

Then, you can download games from other countries, get exclusive deals, and more, right from the comfort of your home.

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