Use An Opera Proxy to Unblock Geo-blocked Websites

Opera Proxy

Lately there are a lot of cyber-attacks being reported each day, and the amount is rising every year.

Here we will explain how you can use the Opera proxy server to improve your security in different ways, but first of all let’s explain why people use proxies by showing some of the main advantages of them:

1. Hide Identity

It encrypts all of our data being sent over the Internet making it useless to hackers and possible attackers to get any information even if they somehow capture our data.

2. Surf Anonymously

It allows us to redirect all of our data through a remote server that could be placed anywhere in the world, in a way that if our proxy server is in Belgium but we are from Germany, anywhere on the Internet you will be seen from Belgium. This can be used to protect your real location from attackers.

3. Unblock Country Restricted Content

Wherever you are located you can fake an outside location allowing you to watch any content that could possibly be restricted on your country.

Sounds good right? Let’s see how you can start using all of these features!

How to Download the Opera Browser

So, first of all you need to download the Opera browser, as easy to use as the average browser but with a good level of privacy and security for the users.

You can download it here:

How to Use Opera to Browse Anonymously?

Once you have it downloaded and installed, all you have to do is right click your Opera icon and click on “New Private Window“, now keep in mind this doesn’t make your activities private on the Internet (yet, we will see how to do that) but instead it removes/hides the search history for anyone else that uses your computer.

To achieve security and anonymity, we now have to move our mouse to the left top of the Opera browser and click on “VPN” then click on the switch to activate it.

This will automatically send all of our data encrypted through a proxy server which will be the closest one to you based on location.

For example, if you are a German citizen, your proxy server will by default be the Europe server.

In case you want to change your region further, you can click on the “Virtual location” option and look for the one you are interested in, but remember: the further the region you choose, the longer the data has to travel and the slower the response will be.

We can choose between America, Europe and Asia servers.

Now, to be clear some of the proxies out there could be selling your data to third parties and you must be careful with that, as it can reveal your location and your activities, which we believe they should be completely private.

What can You Do to Help to Fix This?

You can look for high quality proxies, which you can buy on different places if you make a quick search on your browser, but most of them are paid to ensure they don’t need to be selling your information to create a sustainable system for them.

How to Add an Opera Proxy?

You can add a proxy to Opera by clicking “Settings” and “Change proxy settings” there you can add some of your quality proxies.

Also you can download some Opera add-on such as “Proxy Switcher & Manager” extension that will allow you to manage and switch your proxies easily through the browser.

Once you have setup your Opera proxy, you are by far more protected from hackers than any average user! Use the proxies on Opera to get a better and safer online experience.

Bottom Line

If you value your privacy, and would like to enhance your anonymity during browsing, Opera has the necessary features for that.

To increase your privacy further, be sure to use highly secure and anonymous private Opera proxies on the browser!

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